What causes someone to be rebellious

Educational language - defiant


  1. defiant, defiant
  2. rebellious, rebellious


  • insurgent, outrageous, rebellious, defiant; (Swiss) provocative; (educationally) subversive; (often derogatory) subversive; (scenic) rebellious
  • stubborn, stubborn, defiant, defiant-headed, stubborn, rebellious, defiant, stubborn; unruly (educational language); (colloquially) buck-legged, stubborn, scratchy; (often jokingly or ironically) insubordinate; (scenic) rebellious; (southern German, Austrian dialect) supportive; (obsolete) insubordinate

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    1. set in trembling, swaying motion
    2. to question
  1. move, grasp, in your core


  • shake, tremble / vibrate; (lifted) to shake
  • shake up, stir up, unbalance, upset, touch, move, hit to the core, shock / give, grasp, arouse, frighten, move inwardly, excite / restless, get close, do not leave indifferent , crush, stir, shock, hit, go to the heart; (lifted) to touch, concern, rave, throw down; (educational language) to consternate, affect; shake (poetically); (colloquial) to the kidneys / get under the skin, shock, knock over; (casually) knock down, knock down; (Medicine, psychology) traumatize


without any reservation


unreserved support, approval, solidarity


absolutely, without hesitation, unconditional, limitless, with a good / calm conscience, without further ado, without ifs or buts, unreserved, unrestricted, unconditional, unlimited, unrestricted, unrestricted, trusting


Phrases, idioms, proverbs

to look at someone, something (lifted; to see someone, see something: he was frightened when he saw the glow of the fire)


evoking a feeling of oppression


  • the most depressing problem
  • the atmosphere was oppressive


    1. (obsolete) with the bag sieve
    2. (South German, Austrian) shake
    3. to bother someone mentally or physically very much
    4. bring distress, distress
  1. Rob, take advantage of, plunder (landscape)
  2. Wrinkles, bulging


  • puff up, bulge, puff up, wrinkle, plump, pint, bulge
  • bag, shake, shake, shake; (scenic) slip
  • press, take, plague, encumber; to torment; (colloquial) take on, hose, triezen; to harass (disparagingly); (scenic) take
  • plunder, rob, take advantage of


  1. hand over, hand over [on demand]
  2. Deliver (business language) to the trade for resale


  • deliver to the knife, display, hand over, hand over; reveal (elevated); (raised obsolete) deliver; (Official language) transfer; (Legal language)
  • deliver, deliver, bring, deliver, hand over, deliver, deliver; (lifted) deliver


  1. forcibly take anywhere
  2. (especially diseases) spread
    1. procrastinating again and again; pull out
    2. Failure to treat (a disease) in time and so make it worse


  • deport, kidnap, take away, remove [forcibly], hijack, kidnap, commit kidnapping, rob; exile (educational language); tow away (colloquially)
  • infect, transmit, pass on, spread; Infect (medicine)
  • let stand, postpone, postpone, pull out, postpone, drag out, lengthen, postpone, postpone, delay, postpone, postpone; retard (educationally); push (colloquially) on the long bench, put on ice; (Austrian official language, Swiss official language) range; Suspend (legal language); (Economy) prolong
  • do not heal, do not treat / heal / cure, leave untreated; (colloquial) do not cure