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Ines, you trained as a housekeeper. Why this particular job?

“I didn't want to go to school at first. And the most important reason: My mother is the worst housewife ever - I wanted to do better. "

And what exactly does a housekeeper do?

“Housekeepers are the ladies who stay in the background and keep everything running in companies, like cogs in a clockwork. If everything works perfectly, they never appear. If something goes wrong, it will be noticed immediately. The tasks: cooking, cleaning, washing, planting flowers, gardening, finances, organization. "

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

“Because I wasn't sure whether I would be able to study. And because I believe that studying often only makes sense if you have worked on the ground yourself. You are taken more seriously. In addition, you already have something in your hand that nobody can take away from you. "

How did that happen?

“After secondary school I decided to become a housekeeper. My home economics teacher helped me with my application. Immediately after my apprenticeship, I did my master's degree and business administration degree. All three consecutive training courses were free of charge, so I worked in the restaurant business on the side. "

What happened next?

“Because it was all very exhausting, I then made up my technical diploma. After that I went to Australia for a year. I had various jobs here - in the restaurant business, in a bakery, on a farm. My training helped me a lot here. Back in Germany I studied food, nutrition and hygiene; this is an engineering degree that is similar in many areas to home economics. I then found my way into the chemical industry through the food industry. In my daily work, my practical experience gives me a lot more prestige. Everyone takes me seriously because I have already worked in the profession myself. "

And what are you doing today?

“Today I develop cleaning agents and disinfectants. I also advise companies on cleaning and hygiene throughout Germany and other European countries. And I give courses in the kitchen, hotel and building cleaning sector for teachers and students at home economics schools. "

What further training opportunities are there after successful training?

“Master, business economist, university degree, teacher. Everything is possible! On the one inquires in the training company or in the vocational school. The offices for nutrition, agriculture and forestry throughout Bavaria also provide information. "

Your five best tips for the housewife or househusband?

  1. Always use cleaning agents in cold water - there are no streaks.
  2. A soup or casserole can be conjured up from leftovers!
  3. Every kitchen needs a sharp knife.
  4. Moisten the rolls from the day before with water and bake them briefly in the oven - this will make them fresh again.
  5. Colorful, fine or wool - every laundry needs the right detergent!


Lightning questions

What was your dream career as a child?

"Kindergarten teacher."

Would you choose this job again?

"100 percent."

What are your hobbies? Can you bring them in here?

“Cooking, traveling, knitting. My training always helps me with all hobbies! "

What do those around you think about your career choice?

“That I am the best housewife in our family. I am often asked for advice. "

Where do you see yourself in five years?

"I'm already thinking about how I can continue my education ..."

Which job would you swap with for a day?

"With nobody."

If you had one wish in your job - what would it be?

"For example, a better reputation in society."



Here you can find the job exchange of the Bavarian State Committee for Housekeeping.


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