What is the best epic fantasy novel

The best fantasy books of all time Great reading fun for young and old

George R.R. Martin's epic The Song of Ice and Fire or in the original A Game of ThronesAs it is called more and more often thanks to the TV series of the same name, it has been the benchmark for current fantasy literature since the first book was published in 2010. Strictly speaking, it was also number 1 in this list for a long time, but in my opinion the two chronicles are now just ahead of the game.

Westeros, the world of ice and fire, is a medieval, often ruthlessly brutal environment in which Martin's protagonists are entangled in a gigantic web of deadly intrigues spanning several continents. Political dramas and armed conflicts between the different power blocks sometimes obscure the ominous threat posed by The Others, mystical creatures that are actually considered to be exterminated, but rumored to be growing to new strength in the wilderness beyond the wall. Hopefully at least the dragons will be there in time when the army of the dead threatens to overrun the night watch.

What makes Martin's books stand out are his characters. There are a large number of leading and supporting roles that are neither exclusively good nor bad, but rather complex and conflictual. They act according to comprehensible considerations, accept unpleasant compromises, get morally astray and practice “realpolitik”. But that's not all: you can also die at any time. Martin is the serial killer among fantasy authors who likes to let the most popular characters get caught in deadly ambushes. The Song of Ice and Fire is therefore particularly popular with readers who also need a break from the simple heroes who cope with every hopeless situation with new, suddenly available and overpowering skills. Not so in Westeros: hopeless situations end ... hopeless. Despite these losses among his main characters, Martin manages to condense the plot with each book and keep it exciting. Yes, it is at times exhausting to have to adjust to new people in the 10th book and yes, the last books are not as strong in comparison as the first in the series. Nevertheless, I believe that the next volumes will be real hits again. And until then you can pass the time with the TV series!

My conclusion: If you really haven't read these books yet, then leave everything behind and finally start! The same goes for your friends: do them a favor and send them to Westeros. A quick professional tip before you start: It is probably worth canceling appointments for tomorrow, because you won't be sleeping anymore tonight. That's what this is for The Song of Ice and Fire just too good fantasy.