What do you think of bread

Figure killer bread? We'll tell you how to enjoy bread.

Do you love bread but do without it for the sake of your figure and health? It doesn't have to be. We asked ourselves the 3 biggest questions about bread. And tell you how you can still eat it.

Sandwiches, sandwiches, a side dish for soup and salad. Bread is an indispensable part of our plates. But it is fuller Carbohydrates and gluten. So everything you should avoid if you value fitness and health. Or not? We took a closer look at the big questions about bread.

Does bread make you fat?

Bread has one high calorie density. This means that you are consuming a lot of calories with relatively little bread. Most of them come from from carbohydrates. That doesn't make you fat per se, but of course it ensures that you reach your total calorie requirement faster than with vegetables, for example.

If you want to teach your body to be more efficient Fat deposits to access, you should increase high protein diet put. And don't worry if it is richer in fat. Protein bread, for example, often contains more fat than traditional bread. Because healthy Keep fats full longer than simple carbohydrates, it can even help you eat fewer calories overall.

Is bread unhealthy?

Not all bread is the same. Any bread that does not have “whole grain” in its name actually has no benefit to your health. It almost doesn't matter whether it is wheat, rye or spelled. Extract flour is mainly used for standard breads. This means that only the starchy interior of the grain has been processed.

The valuable fiber and micronutrientscontained in the husk of the whole grain, are no longer contained in this flour. Therefore, conventional bread does not keep you full for long and provides your body with hardly any nutrients, just quick energy. Unfortunately, most of the time you don't need them. And if you do, you'd better eat a banana. At least it has vitamins.

What about the gluten in bread?

It's a bit more complicated. The fact is that most grains naturally contain gluten. Gluten is a Mixture of proteinsthat is suspected of being unhealthy for a variety of reasons. Scientists agree that gluten is life-threatening for people with a gluten allergy. This affects around one percent of the population living in Germany.

Then there are those Wheat sensitivitywhich affects more people and manifests itself, for example, in stomach pain after eating cereals. To minimize the risk of developing wheat sensitivity, scientists advise a gluten-reduced diet.

How you can still eat bread

Would you rather not have bread? That is not right. You can eat bread. Just no standard. Whole grain or protein bread are ideal alternatives to classic bread.

Whole grain instead of white flour

Whole grain bread consists of at least 90% made from whole wheat flour and still contains a lot of fiber and micronutrients. That is why whole grain bread makes you feel full longer, makes your blood sugar level rise less sharply and provides you with plenty of food valuable nutrients. Of course, it still provides a lot of carbohydrates.

Protein bread

Protein bread provides relatively more Protein as carbohydrates. While it often has the same number of calories and a higher fat content, this is actually beneficial.
Why? The next hunger is a long time coming.

Just like whole grain bread, protein bread makes you full longer - especially if many are natural Fiber e.g. from Cores and Seeds are included. Protein bread, which is based on almond flour instead of cereals, for example, is additional gluten free.



  • Avoid white bread. This is neither healthy nor good for the figure.
  • If you eat regular bread, choose the whole grain variety.
  • Gluten-free protein bread is the ideal low-carb alternative to conventional bread.
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