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Research in the ZfP Südwürttemberg

Scientifically question and review

The scientific focus in the ZfP Südwürttemberg is on health services research, biological research and research in child and adolescent psychiatry. The common goal of all disciplines: Gaining knowledge in order to be able to treat mentally ill people better.

Biological research examines the relationship between physical factors and behavior using neurobiological or electrophysiological methods. For example, biological markers for suicidal behavior are being sought, and behavior regulation is being investigated in an animal model in a further study.

Improve care

Scientific progress alone does not guarantee better care. Therefore, health services research takes a different approach: In this area, it is checked whether the best possible treatment according to scientific knowledge is actually being implemented in practice or what obstacles stand in the way. The care landscape with all its offers for the mentally ill is examined and evaluated so that existing care concepts can be improved and new ones developed. Health services research not only scrutinizes current trends, but also the history of psychiatric care.

Doctorate and habilitation

Doctors at the ZfP Südwuerttemberg have the opportunity to do their doctorate and even habilitation in-house. More information