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The Bible in the standard translation


The first letter to the Corinthians, chapter 7


The code of conduct in the municipality: 7.1-40


Christian marriage

1 Cor 7.1Now to the inquiries of your letter! "It is good for a man not to touch a woman".1 Cor 7,2Because of the danger of fornication, everyone should have their wife and everyone should have their husband.1 Cor 7.3The man should do his duty to the woman and so should the woman to the man.1 Cor 7,4It is not the woman who has her body, but the man. Likewise, it is not the man who has his body, but the woman.1 Cor 7.5Do not withdraw from one another except by mutual consent and only for a while to be free to pray. Then come together again so that Satan does not tempt you when you cannot abstain.1 Cor 7,6I say this as a concession, not a command.1 Cor 7.7I wish all people were (unmarried) like me. But everyone has his gift of grace from God, one like that, the other like that..

Marriage with Gentiles - Divorce

1 Cor 7,8I say to the unmarried and to the widows: It is good if they stay like me.1 Cor 7.9But if they cannot celibate, they should marry. It is better to get married than to be consumed with lust.1 Cor 7:10It is not I who command the married, but the Lord: The woman should not separate from the man1 Cor 7:11- but if she separates, she remains unmarried or reconciles with the man again - and the man must not cast the woman away.1 Cor 7:12I tell the rest, not the Lord, that if a brother has an unbelieving wife and she agrees to continue living with him, he should not cast her away.1 Cor 7.13Even a woman should not cast off her unbelieving husband if he agrees to continue living with her.1 Cor 7.14For the unbelieving man is sanctified by the woman and the unbelieving woman is sanctified by her believing husband. Otherwise your children would be unclean; but they are holy.1 Cor 7.15But if the unbeliever wants to part, let him do it. The brother or sister is not bound like a slave in such cases; God has called you to live in peace.1 Cor 7.16How do you know, woman, if you can save the man? Or how do you know, man, if you can save the woman?.

God's call and the status of the called

1 Cor 7.17Besides, everyone should live as the Lord has assigned him, as God's call has struck him. This is my instruction for all churches.1 Cor 7.18If someone has been called to be circumcised, he should remain circumcised. If someone has been called to be uncircumcised, he should not be circumcised.1 Cor 7.19It is not a matter of being circumcised or uncircumcised, but of keeping the commandments of God.1 Cor 7:20Everyone should remain in the state in which the call of God struck them.1 Cor 7:21If you have been called to be a slave, do not be oppressed; even if you can become free, rather live on as a slave.1 Cor 7:22For whoever is called in the Lord as a slave is the Lord's freedman. Likewise, one called to be a suitor is a slave to Christ.1 Cor 7:23You were bought for a dear price. Do not make yourselves slaves to men!1 Cor 7:24Brothers, everyone should remain before God in the state in which the call of God struck him..

Marriage and virginity

1 Cor 7.25As for the question of celibacy, I have no command from the Lord. I only give you advice as one whom the Lord has made trustworthy through his mercy.1 Cor 7:26I mean, it's good because of the need to come, yes, it's good for man to be like that.1 Cor 7:27If you are bound to a woman, do not try to break away; if you are without a wife, then don't look for one.1 Cor 7:28But if you marry, you do not sin; and marry a virgin, neither does she sin. Certainly such people will not escape earthly hardships; but I would like to spare you them.1 Cor 7:29For I tell you, brothers, the time is short. Therefore, whoever has a wife should behave in the future as if he did not have one,1 Cor 7:30who cries as if he is not crying, who is happy as if he is not happy, who buys as if he does not become the owner,1 Cor 7.31whoever makes use of the world as if he were not using it; for the shape of this world is passing away.1 Cor 7.32I wish you had no worries though. The unmarried is concerned about the Lord's cause; he wants to please the Lord.1 Cor 7.33The married man cares about the things of the world; he wants to please his wife.1 Cor 7.34So it is divided. But the unmarried woman and the virgin are concerned about the cause of the Lord, so that they may be holy in body and spirit. The married woman cares about the things of the world; she wants to please her husband.1 Cor 7.35I say this for your benefit: not to put a shackle on you, but rather so that you can always serve the Lord properly and undisturbed.1 Cor 7.36Anyone who believes he is behaving improperly towards his virgin when his desire for her is too strong should do what he is urged to do if it has to be; he does not sin; they are supposed to get married.1 Cor 7.37But whoever remains firm in his heart because he has control of himself and is not at the mercy of his instincts, whoever is determined in his heart to leave his virgin untouched, is acting correctly.1 Cor 7.38So whoever marries his virgin is doing the right thing; but if you don't marry her, you act better..

Remarriage after husband's death

1 Cor 7.39A woman is bound as long as her husband lives; but when the husband dies, she is free to marry whom she will; only be it done in the Lord.1 Cor 7.40But she is happier to be praised if, following my advice, she remains unmarried - and I think that I too have the Spirit of God.