What is the mantra of happiness

6 powerful mantras that will make your life shine

The 6 pillars of happiness and matching mantras

For more than a decade I have been dealing intensively with the topic of happiness, positive psychology and various strategies, such as Mantras. On my journey through experience I got to know many theses about happiness in life. This now results in my own theory:

Human happiness consists of six different pillars. If one imagines that these pillars are containers like water jugs, some of them may be full and some may be yawning empty. To feel happiness, not all containers have to be full to the brim, but the more columns are filled, the easier it is to go through life happily and radiantly.

The aim of my contribution today is accordingly to provide you with mantras that help refill the empty containers. For this purpose I present the six pillars including the corresponding mantras.

The power of mantras

But before we get to the Luck factors come, it is essential to find out why and how mantras can help set positive developments in motion. Mantras are similar to Affirmations. These are positive sentences that should be absorbed by our subconscious but also by our energy body. If you say or think certain sentences over and over again, they are deeply imprinted in the subconscious and become Beliefs. Convictions in turn become deeds, which leads to a change in our living conditions.

The difference between affirmations and mantras

In Buddhism, a mantra is a magical or sacred formula. She will often sung, pronounced in reverberant rooms or as rhyme designed. While only the words affect us in an affirmation, the mantra draws on other energy fields through rhymes or tones. Whether a mantra really works depends on how comfortable the person is with this method.

The 6 pillars of happiness in life

Now we come to the six pillars of happiness in life and those indicators that show whether these are fulfilled.

1. Deep connection with other people

Various studies have already looked at what makes you really happy. The factor remains unbeaten good human relationships. The emphasis here is on "good". It's not about the mass of relationships but rather about their depth. Ever more authentic we can be in a friendship or partnership and the more we trust, let go and let go, the happier a relationship makes us.

Mantras to strengthen good relationships:

  • I am in love with humans and animals - I am in love with myself!
  • I am open to deep connection - I feel the bliss. it.
  • I am in harmony with myself and my loved ones - and love will win!
  • I like you, you like me - it doesn't work without love.

2. Basic trust

Basic trust means to trust life and its happenings. Even if things are not going so well. If something goes wrong for me, I am usually confident that things are still correct, because the added value of the negative event often only shows itself in retrospect. I also trust life when it blocks my way or makes a decision for me. That in turn provides me with steady serenity. Mantras are particularly effective when it comes to basic trust.

Mantras that strengthen your basic trust

  • From day to day I trust more and more - life loves me very much!
  • I trust the flow in life - everything that happens is a blessing!
  • Everything is done for my best - from north to south, from east to west!
  • I flow with life - ready to take and give.

3. Self-love

I have often written about self-love because for me personally it is the most important factor in happiness in life. Those who do not accept and love themselves limit their lives immensely. Anything you do with someone you don't love with all your heart is only half as nice. Since we spend 24 hours with ourselves every day, the constant work to increase self-love is my top priority. Here are a few tips on how to do this.

Mantras to strengthen your self-love

  • From day to day I love myself more and more - and suddenly it is no longer difficult for me.
  • I'm good the way I am - that's how life really makes sense.
  • I love myself from head to toe and back again - that's what true happiness is called.
  • Everything I like about myself - I mean the way I say it. (Enumerate things)

4. Trust in ourselves

A life without confidence is a life in which we miss thousands of opportunities. If we don't trust ourselves, we don't dare to receive certain gifts from life. We then only live ten, twenty or thirty percent of our potential, which again leaves traces of the quality of our happiness in life.

Mantras to build your confidence

  • I feel the potential in me and soon I'll show you.
  • My trust in me can now increase, I am ready to show myself.
  • I trust the king / queen in me - she / he is stronger than a bull.
  • I believe in myself like never before - my self-confidence is rising.

5. Health

For this area I don't think there is a sentence that hits it better than this: Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing (*Arthur Schopenhauer). And so it is clear that a lack of health can significantly influence our happiness in life. Every investment in our health - whether with food, exercise or mental delicacies such as mantras, is at the same time an investment in our happiness in life.

Mantras to strengthen health or promote healing

  • As soon as I know that the sun will rise again tomorrow, I also know that I will be healed.
  • Health is my nature - I breathe pure healing.
  • I'm getting well now - and for good reason.
  • Health is forever mine - yes, that's how it should be.

6. Meaning and enthusiasm

At this point, many expect the topic of money, success and prosperity, but in my opinion these beauties of life are just a result of a fulfilled life full of enthusiasm. Every person who is in his doing Meaning and happiness experiences and gets a fair reward for it, which finances his life, is truly rich.

Mantras to increase enthusiasm

  • Every day I know better and better what really suits me - and what I really enjoy.
  • My calling is clear - as if it always was!
  • I love my calling, it gives my life a boost.
  • I kindle a fire of enthusiasm - and I can already see that my life is gaining momentum.

Have fun and success in using the mantras. Kind regards, Melanie


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