Where can I find places nearby online

Learn more about
what you see

Straight from
Search texts

You can search for dishes right from a menu, add appointments to your calendar, get directions, call a number, or translate words. You can simply copy the corresponding text on.

Find a style
that suits you

Have you seen an outfit that you like? Or a chair that would be made for your living room? Then let yourself be inspired by similar items of clothing, furniture and decorative objects - without having to describe what you are looking for in a search field.

More information about popular dishes on the menu

Are you wondering again what to order in a restaurant? With Lens you can get more information about the dishes on offer and see which dishes are the most popular - directly from the menu and with photos and reviews from Google Maps.

Explore nearby places

You can call up interesting information about popular sights, such as reviews, opening times or even historical information.

Identify plants and animals

So you can easily find out which plant your friend has on the windowsill or which breed the dog over there in the park belongs to.

Detailed help with homework

Are you stuck with a task? With Google Lens you can quickly find explanations, videos and other results for the subjects math, history, chemistry, biology, physics and much more on the web.