Who controls my phone

Cell phone hacked! What you can do now

  • Restart the smartphone.

    As a rule, the smartphone is used continuously and only charged in between, but not switched off. After a certain time it can happen that errors creep into the operating system. Restarting the smartphone can help to get the digital processes back in order.

  • Uninstall apps.

    Go through the apps on the smartphone and uninstall everything that you no longer need. This not only creates space, but also prevents apps that are no longer regularly maintained from causing problems.

  • Check the app's permissions.

    In the meantime there is the possibility in every operating system to view and manage very precisely which authorizations apps have. To do this, simply go to Settings / Data protection or Settings / Permissions and check them. Above all, in the areas of contacts, location services, microphone and camera, ask whether the app in question really needs access. Use the brochures on the security settings of mobile devices from ISPA.

  • Reset your phone.

    If nothing helps, the phone can always be reset. Important: Resetting will delete all information on your smartphone. You should therefore save your photos, contacts and access data on a computer in advance.