What are CRM tools

CRM tools: software for customer care

Basically, CRM software should bring structure to the acquisition, archiving and processing of customer data in order to make customer care easier and save valuable time. That way, you can focus on developing strategies to improve the relationship with your customers. You should therefore be able to expect from CRM tools in the upper price segment in particular: that these transaction and service processes at least partially automate on the basis of the recorded data. For example, the response time to complaints can be reduced considerably through direct database access. Some programs can also automatically send reminders and offers to customers.

A high time saving does not necessarily have to go hand in hand with a high cost factor. The most important thing is how effectively you or your employees can work with the software used. If a program has functions for automation, but the necessary know-how has to be laboriously developed, the additional effort quickly outweighs the savings advantage. The same goes for that Linking the CRM application with other software as well as for updating and expanding. It is very important that you choose a tool that supports the programs you are using or that allows a corresponding implementation with little effort.

You should also make sure that you have the necessary resources for setup and maintenance (whether in terms of time, personnel or finances) - otherwise you will not achieve any significant improvements with any CRM tool - regardless of whether it is open source or proprietary.