Can your perception change your reality

The power of perception

By Jerry Brownstein

Is our reality created by our beliefs? Can you transform your life by changing your perception? To find the answers to these questions, we need to look at how our brain functions interact with the power of our resolutions. When you were born, your mind was like a blank slate, with no prejudices, no inclinations and no opinions, but at some point around the age of seven you developed what is known as the Reticular Activating System (RAS). This is the part of the brain that decides what information goes into your consciousness. This system has a very important function because our senses are exposed to about four hundred billion (400,000,000,000) bits of information per second, but our conscious mind can only process about 2,000 bits per second. The RAS selects the information that is brought to our attention, all others are filtered out so that our limited consciousness is not overwhelmed.
The only problem is that this RAS filter selects anything based on the values ​​of a behavioral system that you absorbed in the first six years of life. It is this entire collection of influences for which parents, family, religion, or the media are responsible that determine what things you pay attention to. So it is not surprising that many people find themselves confronted with the same problems over and over again, with regard to their relationships, money matters, their health or their happiness. The RAS only lets you experience things that fit into your pre-programmed behavior. You have not chosen these behaviors, yet they control your perception of your reality unless you choose to change it.

Each of us has the power to readjust our mental filters so that they can allow all the good things our life has to offer in our world of experience. You can see how this can work, for example, when you start to be interested in something new. Be it a song, an idea, a new car or just something that you think about intensely. Suddenly the new thing comes into your life ... in magazines, on TV, on the Internet or in conversations ... it is present everywhere. By paying attention to this thing, you are sending the message to your brain that it is important to you. The RAS is immediately instructed to pay attention to this information. This shows that by concentrating our thoughts we can change the perception of our reality. The next step is to learn to use this power intentionally to consciously change our world of experience.
Most of us want a life filled with peace, love, happiness, and joy. We can bring these qualities into our lives by learning to change our behavior patterns controlled by the RAS. The key is to understand that all of these patterns are created through years of repetition and affirmation ... and can be changed in the same way. There are two powerful practices that, when combined with meditation, can help accomplish this transformation: affirmation and visualization. Affirmations are positive messages about ourselves and our environment that can program our inner guidance through repetition. During visualization, you let the picture emerge in your mind's eye of how you wish your life to be.

“A single step does not make a path on earth, just as a single thought does not immediately create a spiritual path. To leave a deep path, we have to walk it again and again. In order to create a deep mental path, we have to keep reflecting on which thoughts should dominate our mind. " (Henry David Thoreau)

These words were written more than 150 years ago, yet they perfectly describe what science calls neural pathways - “highways” on which information moves through your brain. As we draw our attention to positive thoughts and feelings through affirmations and visualizations, we tread new neural pathways, and the more we repeat them, the stronger and deeper they become. At the same time, the old, inherited paths become weaker because they are not used. In the course of time, your RAS / filter is changed, which turns your experiences into a beautiful reflection of the reality you have chosen.
Another excellent way to use your imagination to transform your perception: choose positive language, because everything you say reaches your subconscious. If you express negative thoughts, old, negative behavior patterns are strengthened. If you pay attention to what you are saying, you may hear things like, "I'm never lucky," "Life is hard," "You can't have everything," etc. As soon as you start to be aware of your words you may be amazed at how often you give negative affirmations of yourself. If you consciously choose a positive language, you will develop many new and useful beliefs that will be reflected in your living environment. So whenever negative sentences pop up in your head - or come out of your mouth, just hit the mental clear button and replace them with words that reflect the reality you want to see.

People like to say, "I'll believe it when I see it," but that's just an illusion because the truth is, "You'll see it when you believe it." Instead of allowing inherited values ​​to exist dominate, we have the power to create a new frame of perception that can literally change our reality. It all starts with consciously paying attention to our thoughts, words, and actions so that they reflect the beautiful person we want to be. A timeless wisdom resides in our hearts that can light up at any time. Once our consciousness is filled with this inner light, our life turns into a festival of good things. Each of us has the power to create a life of health, happiness and harmony ... and if you believe it, you will see it. •