Can Facebook actually become privacy-friendly?

Facebook and its data protection rules

The most important information about Facebook and its data protection in brief

  • Like all social networks collects and analyzes Facebook a lot of data of its users.
  • Among other things, it uses this data for Personalization of advertising.
  • Users can use the Visibility of their posts adjust in the settings.

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Data protection on Facebook: a contradiction in terms?

When it comes to Facebook, this is privacy also always one important topic. Looked at soberly, the whole thing seems paradoxical at first: It's just the idea and functionality of this social network, Facebook many personal data to convey to them with other people too share. But because of the size and ubiquity of the network, the Concerns about security user information has risen and Facebook is more and more popular in terms of data protection in the criticism. How Safe is Facebook Really? Can third parties buy data from Facebook?

Many users do not want all of their information with them foreign companies or share it all over the world, but just keep in touch with their friends. How can you her Secure your Facebook account? Does Facebook offer you sufficient data protection?

Which data are collected?

To talk about Facebook and privacy for its users it is important to know which dates at all collected become. First of all, it is all the information that everyone self specified whether directly when registering or later in the profile. These include, for example Surname, the Date of birth and the place of residence. Also will be all activities saved, ie status reports, events, comments, "likes" etc. The friends and group memberships also say a lot about a person.

To be added more indirect informationsuch as the duration and frequency of use and the type of content viewed. Facebook also has access to the photos and can read their metadata, e.g. B. Time and location of the picture or the device used.

In addition, the Activities of other users Contain information, for example, when you post photos of the person and link them there. Also the communication between the users is evaluated, as Facebook explains in its data protection regulations.

What does Facebook do with the data?

According to its privacy policy, Facebook uses its users' data primarily for one goal: personalization. On the one hand, as much information as possible is collected in order to provide users with e.g. B. tailor-made proposals to be able to deliver to friends or events and thus improve the service.

On the other hand, this personalization is of course also used commercial interests: Facebook makes money with advertising, and the better the ads are tailored to the users, the more valuable it is Promotion of the business. This is exactly where critics on Facebook see the data protection problem.

You can share any information with your Facebook account related, peek by your Download Facebook data. There is a dedicated one in the settings for this Tool.

For Analysis purposes Facebook also shares the data Third party. However, Facebook makes it clear in its data protection guidelines that this is not personal data without express consent. So with the information passed on, a person should not clearly identified can be. An exception to the transfer of data can be in the Prosecution be made.

Facebook: Adjust security settings

The same applies to Facebook: privacy is to a large extent one Security question. Because in order to prevent the large amount of personal information that users have from falling into the wrong hands, users should ask themselves the question “Is my Facebook safe?” And their Facebook account secure sufficiently.

How can I protect my Facebook account?

In order to make Facebook secure, as with all other services, a secure password is essential. There is also the option in the Facebook settings under "Security" to change the Two-step authentication which makes it very difficult for unauthorized persons to break into the account, since it is not enough just to have the password: you would also need the second identification element. They are also recommended Registration warningsthat the user receives when there are unusual login attempts.

Facebook: Which data protection settings can you make?

On Facebook, data protection can be adjusted in various places. Please note: Within Facebook, “data protection” does not, of course, mean that the data before Facebook to be protected. It's just about the Data visibility for other users of the site or in general on the Internet.

The basic data protection configuration can be set in the "Privacy" area in the general settings. There you can determine who can see your posts or the friends list and who can contact you.

What should be secured particularly urgently on Facebook in terms of data protection is that timeline, otherwise everyone may be able to see your posts. To do this, in the settings you can name the group of those who have access to your chronicle and who Markings can see and sit.

Check data protection on Facebook

If you always want to be in control of what others see of you, you should use the "CheckActivate “function. That way, you have to first check out all of the posts and tags that they appear in to confirmbefore they can be seen publicly.

If you are at the Facebook app If you have privacy concerns, you can simply access the page in your mobile browser to seek out. How to bypass the extensive Access permissions.

With everyone single post you can also always choose who this message is for when you publish it. This way you can customize the each time Recipients choose.

In addition, Facebook offers you a further data protection control in the "Activity log“The opportunity to review all of your previous activities and possibly the Privacy setting to adapt individual elements.

What happens to the WhatsApp data on Facebook?

In the Takeover of WhatsApp Facebook assured that the user data not linked to the network would. The worries were great, because the WhatsApp data represented a huge amount of user information for Facebook in the form of telephone numbers. Linked to the Facebook profiles would be a lot more detailed analysis the user possible.

And in fact, the separate WhatsApp data protection kept not long: In August 2016, Facebook made the Data transfer. German users are currently due to a Prohibition, which Hamburg's data protection officer has pronounced, excluded from the data exchange, but the final judicial Decision pending.

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Facebook and its data protection rules
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