Which professional careers include art and computers

The Sims 4: To University - 10 Tips & Tricks for Student Life

Possible skills include bowling, fitness, video games, skill, rocket science, cooking, gourmet cooking, baking, blending, dog training, veterinary, guitar, violin, piano, DJ, singing, organ playing, acting, fishing, gardening, herbalism, and flower arranging. Teenagers get as Members of the theater club or scouts from level 2 or with a part-time job at level 3 additional scholarship opportunities.

If you apply via computer or at your mailbox after receiving the scholarships at the university, the value of the scholarships will be deducted from the cost statement for the course selection. Do you have your Sim successfully for a Special degree subject If you have registered, you can subsequently apply for an extra special study scholarship.

2. Living more comfortably on campus

If you have chosen to live in a dormitory or in a shared flat on campus, the life of your students becomes a little more complicated. Since you are not allowed to change the furnishings of the respective living environment, that is Construction menu locked. So before your Sim moves into their new home, take advantage of the opportunity to buy things like a laptop, leisure activity items, and decorations.

Otherwise you cover yourselves in the very limited selection of one University kiosk a. It is important that you can carry the items in your Sims inventory with you so that you can use them at university. You cannot take items from the household inventory with you to the university!