Where is Cornwall in the UK

Should I get involved with the racer who is presumably cheating on me with my own daughter? Or would it be better to focus on a career as a successful winemaker? Hannah Powell seeks the answer to these questions, she seeks them in the face of the rough, beautiful landscape of her homeland Cornwall. And because the beautiful young woman is the main character in a Rosamunde Pilcher film, she naturally decides in the end for: love.

The English Wine Benson Valley Winery is actually called Pencarrow House and belongs to the enchantingly eccentric Lady Molesworth-St Aubyn. Partridges roam the rain-soaked meadows next to the staff driveway. Magnificent peacocks sit on the ledge in front of the kitchen window and lift their heads when the lady of the house whistles inside. Half an hour's drive away, past used car dealers and a junkyard, Lucy Meredith is sitting in a storage shed. Tanned baked beans, noodles and glasses with pasta sauce are stacked on metal shelves. That is Cornwall too.

The room belongs to the Launceston Foodbank, a charity organization comparable to the charitable food banks in Germany. "Should I buy heating oil and give the children a warm, cozy Christmas? Or should I go out and buy gifts?" She ponders. "To be honest - I don't know what to do!" Because the young woman lives in real Cornwall, there is no easy answer to this question. And there is also no attractive heir who could make the decision for her.

Special funding from the EU Social Fund

Since 1993, ZDF has regularly shown films based on Pilcher's novels and stories on Sunday evenings. With great success, up to seven million people then sit in front of the television. For many Germans, Cornwall has become a destination of longing: wild nature, picturesque fishing villages and attractive people rattling around in open vintage cars.

In Great Britain, the region is often mentioned in the same breath as Romania and Bulgaria. Like the former Eastern Bloc states, Cornwall also receives special funds from the EU social fund - as the only county in England. The average wage is 17 percent lower than in the rest of the country, but the cost of living is hardly lower than in London, 400 kilometers away.

In Launceston, 7,000 inhabitants, a ruined castle, ten pubs, an electric fan heater hums against the damp cold in the shed of the food bank. Meredith's minimum purchase of oil costs the equivalent of 370 euros - money that the welfare recipient lacks elsewhere. A third of the people in Cornwall live in what is known as "fuel poverty", which means that they spend more than ten percent of their income on avoiding the cold at home. The area is sparsely populated and connections to gas pipes or district heating are rare. And energy prices are rising.