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Monday June 21, 2004

[18h43] It's raining outside. Not as if the flood was coming, but these long, drawn-out drops that don't just sit on your head for a short time, but instead run through to your shoes in one go.
And I wonder if I am going home on foot in an act of self-mortification.
[10h45] Learning effect - it pays off when you have to wipe the office floor, screed, in a new mob and "real" floor cleaner instead of the all-purpose weapon "Frosch neutral cleaner". Another learning effect: when you wipe, you shouldn't follow the motto "a lot helps a lot“, Flooding the office, but watering the floor as little as possible. Then no water lines remain ...

Sunday June 20, 2004

[18h56]Video games - Weeks ago, my girlfriend had no idea, simply on suspicion "The Simpsons - Hit and Run“Bought for the Nintendo Gamecube. I was skeptical at first because the console conversions of film / TV licenses are rather lousy.
And look, the game is addicting.
The magazines compared "TSH & R" with the "Crazy Taxi" for the Dreamcast. The tasks are similar: drive a car from point A to point B in the city within a time limit.
And yet "TSH & R" has a lot from GTA3. So you can leave the car with your character (depending on the level: Homer, Bart, Lisa) and use platformers to add coins, trading cards and the like. collect them and buy bonus vehicles or clothes.
The levels are huge, you get the impression of a complex city map, but similar to "Crazy Taxi" it is, cleverly concealed, a single street, which is here and there supplemented with side streets and abbreviations.
The city levels are detailed, atmospheric and made with a lot of love. Makes a good mood. "TSH & R" could meanwhile be available as a "Nice Price".
[17h17] And if, despite the frustration, a touch of sun shines into the office, then it is because I made it “quick'n'dirty” this afternoon, checking the feasibility of a problem: is it possible to quickly get a half-finished MovableType -Site to "convert" to Wordpress?
There were two stumbling blocks, all of which have to do with the categories in "MovableType". On the one hand, it had to be controlled in Wordpress that only entries from certain categories appear on certain pages. For example, only the entries in the “Frontpage” category on the start page. That was easy to solve. Wordpress knows for an internal function that returns true / false. With the amazingly simple connection of “plug-ins”, I was also able to retrofit a function that only outputs the first 50 letters as a kind of “excerpt” (I don't want to ask customers to create them by hand).
In the second problem, I had to mimic the MT site's category-based directory structure in Wordpress. Wordpress only mirrors everything on a template, an index.php, and transfers everything with the index.php via parameters. While Wordpress is already equipped to display entries with various time-based methods (everything from the year, month, day ...), the addressing via categories is weakening. Wordpress does not currently provide for any categories in the permalinks, a "" is currently in the early alpha versions of 1.3.
After some fiddling (I can't make friends with mod_rewrite because of its impossibility to be "debugged" and don't buckle up according to which system it works locally on my computer and according to which not) I put the problem aside. The .htaccess file was provided with the corresponding mod_rewrite instructions and the permalink generation in Wordpressens was extended accordingly.
Hacking Wordpress made it clear to me what two different nags MovableType and Wordpress are. At MovableType there is decency and order. If you want to hack something, you have to fight your way through countless classes.
Wordpress, which is downright inviting to hack, is different. A handful of files, a straight language with PHP and after five minutes the first plug-in dowelled.
The division of labor for MovableType and Wordpress will ultimately go in this direction. MovableType is business. Wordpress is for screwdrivers.
[17h12] Life ain't funny. My PowerBook hard drive, which has already been attached externally, is messing around again. Since the "hard disk service program" cannot fix an error, I am afraid I will have to flatten the disk (please insert your favorite rhyme with Latvians here ...)
There is no data loss, the most essential items are also sufficiently backed up. What remains is just the frustration in the coming week to waste another 4-8 hours for the new installation + configuration of a system ...
[11h33]Tech - The most talked about IT article of the last week was Joel Spolskis How Microsoft Lost the API War. The lengthy article is difficult to concentrate on a few points. I try anyway.
  • Spolski's conclusion and conclusion: Microsoft has lost a whole generation of developers.
  • This is due to the victory of the “MSDN” adepts within Microsoft, who are giving developers ever more powerful but more complex code.
  • Anyone who is a developer of Microsoft technologies has to constantly deal with new, non-backward-compatible tools and increasingly complex technologies.
  • Microsoft technology developers are less productive because they are constantly learning.
  • This is why developers of Microsoft technologies are more expensive than developers of comparable technologies on the web (Spolski mentions that a Windows API programmer in New York is almost twice as expensive as a comparable web application programmer)
  • The advantages of Microsoft technologies are only rudimentary. On the one hand, they only have a short shelf life, as the next, even "better" but incompatible Microsoft technology is lurking around the corner. On the other hand, they also ignore the needs of customers or the computers currently available.
Spolski ties the whole thing to .NET, Longhorn and Avalon. This introduces massive changes in Microsoft technologies and must be learned and developed “now” before they are finally brought to customers in 2006 or 2007.
The discussion is interesting because it brings a third opinion in the duel about the applications of the future, which so far has more from the philosophy "Desktop based"Around Windows, Longhorn and Avalon and" client-based "around Flash, Flex and Central. So now also “web-based”, with the pioneer “GMail” from Google, which must have all the world's interest in that web-based approach.
Various blog entries are spinning around this article by Spolski, here is a selection.

Saturday June 19, 2004

[16h41]MacOS X - The developers of "Unsanity" have been running a blog for some time and one of the entries has it all and is for everyone who is interested in MacOS X in two Fuffzich.
“Application Enhancer Isn't Bad” gives a little guide on how to “read” the Apple crash reports. On the other hand, “Unsanity” defends its software “Application Enhancer”, or “APE” for short.
APE is one of the most controversial and powerful pieces of OS X software. It allows certain additional modules ("Haxies“) Access to all software and the system. for example to change the behavior of the window title bar. Since Apple does not officially provide a way to accomplish this, APE has to work very deeply and unprotected in the system and "injects" its code into third-party software via the system (in order to then influence its title bars, for example).
This practice is extremely controversial, to say the least. Normally with OS X it can be said quite clearly: if an application crashes, it is your own fault. Due to the "code injection" from APE, however, "third-party software" now gets into the application.
So it is not surprising that in the comments to the entry, the developers cut each other's head off.
[12h04] Early morning dialogues. "My mother was a big big chunk of Gouda"-" And your father was a big wooden penis: 'Look, son, that's how the holes come in the Gouda ...' "
[11h56]Wikipedia on the way to becoming a serious encyclopedia. Limit entries to everything that is essential.
cake (from ital. torta = round bread, bread pastry - from the Latin: tortur, or torquere = turn, wind) [...]
A tall white wedding cake with many floors is now a tradition, cutting, cutting and distributing the pieces of cream is part of the ritual, but if the wedding takes place in America, a surprise guest (mostly female, singing and barely clothed) can arise from such a giant cake. to the delight of the guests. At the mafia birthday parties, such fillings are also male and often armed, and the musical performance is rarely pleasant.
Throwing a cream cake at someone (especially popular in old film comedies) is part of a spectacular Western expression of displeasure, the sweetness and softness of the projectile should soften the shame, but the light cream on the (dark) festival dress is mostly for the audience, photographers, film - and TV cameras for sure. Throwing sweets at each other in this way can of course also awaken early childhood instincts and happy memories and thus, among other things, also become an (erotic) variety.
Incidentally, Wikipedia cannot dissuade me from differentiating the difference between cake and cake.
Cake is everything that comes out of the oven. Point.

Friday June 18, 2004

[11h46]WebDev - It continues with the technical entry from earlier. It's about installing a website including a database for a customer.
The difficulties arise from the fact that the customer does not take the web server from a normal hoster, but has entered into a cooperation with a non-industry service provider, according to the motto "we do so much together, do you still have space for us on the web server?
The IT staff of this service provider certainly has an idea of ​​IT, but setting up web servers is not their daily bread, which is why it took a while. The situation made it necessary for me to get up to the web server, but not to mess around with the website of the service provider and other server areas.
The result was a solution that initially looked like an impregnable mountain wall to me.
I have access to a kind of "quarantine area" of the server and can put my clutter in the directories there. Here I come in with SSH connections, be it via OS X client or via Shell ().
This “quarantine area” initially has nothing to do with the web server. So that the files come up on the web server and are displayed in the browser for everyone, the files must be copied to the web server using shell scripts written by the service provider. This means that I can only copy from and to and from / to on the web server. The shell scripts are executed via shell or something similar.
All of this could be found out relatively quickly. The real sticking point was managing the database via phpMyAdmin. That sat in another area of ​​the server, to which I actually had no direct browser access. The IT manager couldn't really explain it to me either. I had a puzzle game in front of me in which I used the terms "Set up the port“, „SSH tunnel“, „only works with proxy“, „use a different password“, „this url“, „best to use 'Putty' under Windows“Had to put it together somehow.
And when the puzzle is put together, it's actually pretty simple.
Fortunately, I had read access to areas above my "quarantine area" and the phpMyAdmin configuration file gave me the last, missing piece of the puzzle.
First of all, a so-called "SSH tunnel" had to be set up for a port.
The "tunnel" is a particularly secure transmission connection between me and the service provider's server. All requests that I issue on the port (e.g.) are forwarded by the service provider's server to port "".
To manage phpMyAdmin via browser, it is not enough to address port 12345. Rather, the SSH tunnel must be set as a proxy in the browser: and port. phpMyAdmin can now be reached by the browser under the address "".
So easy to write down, so difficult to figure out.
[11h13] 11h09 this day. The day couldn't get any better. In a job I managed to use logic and trial'n'error to break the Gordian knot in matters of SSH, proxies et al. to break through. I'm spraying testosterone, masculinity. I could break through table tops for joy. More later, I have to write documentation first.

Thursday June 17, 2004

[14h26] Cool. It's getting night again and it's raining outside the soul. And cats. And dogs. And lightning.
[12h37] That Blog book-Project “Blogs!” Has been on its way for almost a week with the submission of the layouts and texts. The ball - to use EM jargon - is now with the publisher and I have the time to catch up on and catch up on the jobs that I had to let slip because of the book production.
At the beginning of the week I tore open a brochure and handed it to the customer. It now has to provide content so that I can lay out the brochure based on the content and its scope.
A cost estimate had to be written at the end of last week, hence the story of “Zen Cart”. At the beginning of the week, reference sites for “Zen Cart” had to be submitted, which is only of limited ease, since web shops rarely “created with Pipapo software"And the reference list from" Zen Cart "itself, 90% not presentable.
Yesterday and today “strategic considerations” were or are on the plan to switch an advanced project from MovableType to WordPress at short notice. Yesterday I thought I had clarified all critical points (categories, directory structure, mod_rewrite), but this morning I remembered another point in the bathroom.
Sometimes a detour is the better way. I researched the problem, but I couldn't really come up with meaningful websites and was unhappy with the keyword I was looking for on the web. I put the job aside for now to read a new blog and accidentally stumbled upon a keyword that was much better suited to tracking down my problem ...
This afternoon it should be in the innards of SSH, SFTP and Proxies walk. Bah!
Jeez, by the beginning of next week I hope to have cleared the "project jam".
[12h20]WebDev - Sorry, but when I read “The IE Team Is Listening”, my pump works. The IE team doesn't need to listen, it needs to program. The first thing that every web designer who is worth his three EuroFuffzich will knock on IE's ears is that not aceptable Support of web standards described since 1996 and 1998 in terms of HTML 4, CSS 2 and DOM.
With the XP SP2 one would have the chance not only to upgrade Internet Explorer with ad blockers and security features, but also to bring the display of HTML pages to a level that competitors have easily achieved for three years.
If Microsoft's explorer clutter still needs bug reports, arguments and case studies, then I wonder what people have been dealing with in the past few years. In any case, it couldn't have been web surfing.
In addition to the various security holes, Internet Explorer / Windows is the greatest embarrassment from Microsoft, which should make every Microsoft blogger blush.

Tuesday June 15, 2004

[16h54]Somewhere else -- Bugger me. Lawyers shouldn't be allowed to write down jokes and songs. It has this strange aftertaste of "really let the pig out". And crazy taste assurance.
[14h53] Where have the little tomato slices gone? How is it that the smiley pizzas only have large tomato slices on them? What happens to the small slices cut off towards the end of the tomato?
Does some pimply smiley driver eat them up? "Horst, here are two more small tomato slices for you!
What is there on my pizza looks like the middle section of at least three commercially available tomatoes. Does Smiley use cubic tomatoes, or is only the middle third of a tomato used and the rest thrown away or stored for years, in case one of the customers in the bistro wants "freshly squeezed tomato juice"?
Something is fishy in smiley pizza land.
[13h07]Apple_Music - Before the iTunes music store opens in Europe, there is a serious setback. Numerous and well-known independents have refused to license their music for Apple, reports the Guardian (registration may be necessary).
It affects almost all English and French independents who have around 22% market share, including Franz Ferdinand, Cold cut (I suppose it affects the whole Ninja tunes Catalog) and Craig David.
Apple should accept the contracts, which are called "commercial suicide“Were sometimes sent to the labels last Tuesday. The labels accuse Apple of abusing its monopoly position and are not stingy with harsh words.
Even labels like "Beggar's banquet“Those who licensed to Apple in the US refused to do the same for Europe. A reaction to the fact that the independents in the USA got the Apple to the majors NotAs announced, there are the same percentages, but considerably more.

Best radio station ever