Why is biology so great

Biology is the science of living things. As broad as this definition is, as broad are the subject areas that this science encompasses. So belong zoology, microbiology, physiology, genetics(Heredity) or also ecologyand also others on the subject of biology. Often asked topics are with us Mendel, Darwingenetics or microbiology.

Secondary school level biology

Here life is often seen from a bird's eye view. What is life? The following topics are discussed:


Life is characterized by extreme diversity. This means that both a worm in the earth and an eagle in the sky and we as humans are counted as part of life on earth. We are all adapted to the living conditions in which we live. This adaptation is among other things the focus of the topic of diversity.


Where do we get ours from energy? Where does the plant get its energy from? In what form is it saved? All green plants store their energies through sugar. We as humans have several options: both fats and carbohydrates and, in some cases, proteins are energy stores. But not only the supply of energy, also all other chemical processes in the body, from the admissionon the transportto excretionbelong to the metabolism.


Both sexual and asexual reproduction (e.g. of bacteria by Cell division) count on this topic.

Cell structure

A cell is in itself a complex body. Like the body, it consists of organs - but these are Organellescalled. So the Cell nucleus the hereditary disposition or the Mitochondriaare responsible for the energy supply.

Environmental dependence

As mentioned earlier, the various living things are attached to theirs Environment adapted. This starts with the colour: with its white color, the polar bear living in snow and ice is ideally adapted to its environment. Another example is the Hibernationof marmots, which retreat to their burrows in the cold winter time in order to lose as little heat as possible and to survive the time of lack of food as efficiently as possible.

Biology at grammar school and technical secondary school level

Themes like Cell biologyor Evolution theorynot all high school students' hearts beat faster. But also classic genetics, ecology, Developmental biologyor Behavioral biologyoften cause smokers. Often these issues have to be viewed from different angles until they are understood.

Biology at the university / ETH level

The focus here is mostly on the biochemistry, microbiology, Molecular biologyor genetics.
Even at university and ETH level, the help your tutor to gain a long-awaited understanding of the material from a new perspective or at least you Solutionpoint out so that you faster forwardcome while solving your tasks.
Your tutor had to fight through the same jungle as you, remember donkey bridges and ask questions. Exactly for that reason she knows the pitfalls and tricks in biologyin which you would like tutoring.

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