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Bad Websites: Top 10 (History)

In countless places on the web and in this magazine, the importance of usability and the necessity of professional design for companies that want to be successful on the Internet and generate sales is repeatedly mentioned. And one would think that by now all companies have at least one benefit belongsthat user-friendliness and design are success factors.

But far from it, because there are still numerous truly intrepid companies that (involuntarily) rely on shock therapy. We took a look around and introduce you to ten commercial websites that should be given design and usability advice for Christmas - a cabinet of curiosities with a wink. - Exceptionally and on purpose, the sites are not linked.

Place 10:

Conservative restraint in terms of layout is the trump card on the W. H. Insurance Consultants website. The difference, however, is made by the revolutionary navigation concept: A unique selling point is created by the fact that underlined words here once no On the left side are. You have to click on the yellow-black buttons. For that reason alone, deserves a spot on this list.

9th place:

“Back to the Roots” is also what it says on the Sarasota-Tampa-Express website. But not the (almost) consistent retro style, not the inverted L navigation with the same links in the vertical and horizontal menu, not the animated cursor that pulls a swaying snake of red letters in a different font The NEW elements flashing in spacey rainbow colors convinced us, but the unsurpassed hectic FlightView widget on the right, which you can also download as a screen saver.

8th place:

When websites look like the leaflet for the 1 euro market at the end of the pedestrian zone that you find in the mailbox, designer hearts naturally beat faster. In addition, the web presence of the technical experts from CWOL ensures that not only the prices put the user on high alert, but also the color concept.

7th place:

Although the people at the 5 Points Driving School don't give a damn about a homogeneous image and typography concept, they take into account two other interesting usability and design findings: 1) Today, users no longer have a problem scrolling down. 2) White space ensures calm. You take this to heart and combine this knowledge in a congenial way - let yourself be surprised! And if you like that to is calm, you can get your mind going again on this bottom.

6th place:

A journey back in time to the early days of the Internet awaits the user on the Videosonic website, whereby cozy black is actually of central importance. Also interesting: The buttons on the left are not clickable, but they cause a headache on closer inspection. The online shop is also worth a look.

5th place:

Web King Internet Services LLC's range of services includes not only online marketing, e-commerce expertise and hosting, but also web design. Your own website must of course serve as a reference here. A click on the corresponding menu item has the nice side effect that you get to know your future service provider personally - an important trust-building measure and basis for close, fruitful cooperation.

4th place:

There is no shortage of ideas: First, car dealer Ling climbs up from the header towards us. And what is not yet to be discovered. Live chat, Twitter integration, Office TV, a quiz, an ominous game called "Hang Me", it flashes and flickers everywhere ... You could probably enjoy yourself on this website for hours. It's all so cool and obviously well-intentioned that it is with a very heavy heart that we include on this list and have the slightest feeling that we are doing this ambitious lady injustice.

3rd place:

You have to take some time to find out what exactly Yvette is selling. After a few clicks (accompanied by Central Asian sounds) you find out that Yvette not only runs a shop, but apparently also loves cookies. Somewhere there is a page with recipes (which unfortunately cannot be found after a five-minute search and therefore cannot be linked here). Without having studied these instructions in detail, the website suggests that one or the other of the ingredients for the biscuits ... shall we say mind expanding Substance is located. Anyway, our third place goes to

2nd place: only missed first place by a hair's breadth. When you call up the page, only one question arises: Are you serious or is it a joke? Yes, they mean it.

1st place:

Content is certainly still king. But how do you teaser all of the world's political knowledge on a single web page? Our winner answered this question. Take what feels like five minutes for the loading process - you will probably be lost for words afterwards too 😉

Do you know more examples?

These are ten impressive examples of how naive some companies are still on the web today and how you can throw potential and money out the window with full hands. We certainly don't want to be malicious or snooty - but sometimes you just get speechless when you surf the web ...

Or are some of these pages maybe so strange again that they are innovative? Do you know of other curious examples with mottos like "... tried hard ..." or "... is ahead of this time ..."? We look forward to your inspiring advice.