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The professional profile: what does an online stylist do?

As an online stylist, you help other people with their optical To improve the appearance or to create a certain look, for example for model shootings or film productions.

Basically there is three possible work areas:

  • Style advice - such as cuts and colors of clothing and accessories,
  • Hairstyles and
  • Make up.

As an online stylist, you usually specialize in one or two of the areas.

Yours tasks are accordingly the following:

  • Ask customer requests and receive styling instructions,
  • Create mood boards for looks and stylings,
  • Advising customers on clothing, hairstyles and / or makeup as well
  • Put together outfits taking into account factors such as function, figure type and color type.

As an online stylist, you naturally spend most of your working day in front of the computer. You stick with your customers Meetings in the form of video chats or communicate with them via e-mail and instant messaging services such as WhatsApp or Slack.

After the conversation, you create for them digital analysisto determine the body shape and color scheme of your customers. You create for them on the basis of your analyzes a virtual cloakroom. The job is very varied, as each customer has different needs and wishes.


Where does an online stylist work?

As an online stylist, you are either employed by an online shopping service or self-employed. The workplace itself can therefore be flexible. In principle, all you need is a computer, a few specific programs and a good internet connection, and that's how you can work from many places.

Also the Working hours are flexible and not tied to a fixed time frame. This gives you a high degree of self-determination and freedom, but also requires a lot of discipline, organizational talent and dedication to your work.


The path to your dream job: how do you become an online stylist?

To be an online stylist you need no special training or a degree. Usually the Entry as a career changer from other professions related to styling. This includes

  • Fashion designer,
  • Costume designer,
  • Make-up artist,
  • Makeup artist or
  • Hair stylist.

If you are knowledgeable about the subject, you may be able to become an online stylist without such a background. However, it is advisable to have a further education close.

If you want to start your own business, it makes sense to first test your skills on friends and relatives. So you can gain experience, fix mistakes and build self-confidence before you venture out to paying customers.


What are the chances on the job market?

As an online stylist, you have to competent in different areas be - especially if you want to start your own business. Not only do you have to be familiar with styling, you also have to be fit on the computer and be able to use the software you need for customer contact and for creating and forwarding analyzes and styling suggestions.

This includes instant messaging services, video chat tools, file sharing services, a program for image editing, one for your project management and marketing software.

As a self-employed online stylist, you also have to do marketing for yourself, set up your own website and negotiate with your client.

Which Character traits should you bring

  • Interest in fashion and design trends,
  • a good sense of aesthetics and style,
  • Creativity,
  • Level of detail as well
  • Empathy and having fun dealing with people.

You should also be communicative and be able to develop relationships with others quickly.


An article by our external colleague Julia Hartmann