Which animal has the smallest penis?

Sex records in the animal kingdom

The most artistic groom

To get the attention of the females, many males perform elaborate dances or present magnificent plumage.

The hut gardener, a species of bowerbird native to New Guinea, puts a lot of effort into this. For him, selection works through art. This means that the male builds lavishly decorated huts for his beloved.

The huts can be up to 1.2 meters high and 1.8 meters wide and are equipped with the most colorful things that the male finds in nature. The berries, flowers or insect wings are even sorted by color. If the lady is not yet satisfied with the first work, it will be redecorated. This drudgery can take up to a year.

The longest link

When it comes to size in the male reproductive organ, the blue whale is number one. Not only is it the largest animal that has ever lived on earth. He also has the most impressive penis: it is up to three meters long and 30 centimeters in diameter.

The record holder on land is the African elephant: when excited, its limb is an impressive 1.80 meters long.

The barnacles should not be forgotten in this context. Your reproductive organ is five times as long as you are, and for good reason. Barnacles are sedentary animals and once locked in place, they can no longer move. It is only with the help of their impressive genitals that the male barnacles can fertilize the females around them.

Most of the reproductive organs

Anyone who believes that one reproductive organ is sufficient for all animals is mistaken. The world champion here is the tapeworm, an intestinal parasite. It consists of many identically structured body segments, each of which is equipped with one or more separate pairs of male and female genitalia.

Since tapeworms can be up to 40 meters long in extreme cases and then comprise around 45,000 such segments, they can have several hundred thousand sexual organs. However, they can hardly impress anyone, because in most cases tapeworms lead a hermit's existence. As a hermaphrodite, they usually fertilize themselves.

The longest sex

When it comes to long-term sex, stick insects are at the forefront. The initiative comes from the male. These filigree creatures sometimes cling to their female for up to ten weeks at a time and mate with her over and over again. This is how they want to prevent competitors from getting a chance.

The tastiest sex

It is often not easy for men in the animal kingdom, but the wasp spider is particularly poor. During the mating season, they are confronted with extremely aggressive females. As soon as you have approached the lady of your heart, she becomes a cannibal and strikes at lightning speed.

Sometimes the male is lucky and can escape unharmed. Most of the time, however, the female snatches at least a few legs from him, and in around 65 percent of cases the female even eats the male completely.

Exactly why the wasp spider females proceed so brutally when mating has not been conclusively clarified: They neither lay more eggs when they have absorbed their partners, nor is it apparently out of hunger, because even full females attack males.

The largest harem

Some species of mammals prefer to live in harems. It is usually the case that a male gathers many females with whom it then mates exclusively. This is most extreme among the southern elephant seals: there, one male mates with up to 50 females.

The harem is never big enough for male elephant seals. They are constantly trying to expand it by simply forcefully pushing haremless females into their group. Escape is hardly possible for the females either. If they try to escape, they risk a hefty beating of the significantly larger and stronger male.

The most impressive breeding season

The largest eggs in relation to body size and weight lay petrels, hummingbirds and the New Zealand kiwi. Shortly before the egg is laid, the latter appears - viewed under the X-ray machine - to consist almost exclusively of egg. Once this is laid, the kiwi will breed for more than 80 days, which is one of the longest breeding phases in the bird world.

The breeding performance of the male emperor penguin is also remarkable. It incubates in extremely sub-zero temperatures in the deepest Antarctic winter and sits continuously on its only egg - for around 65 days.

Author: Lena Ganschow