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The band Bon Iver around songwriter and singer Justin Vernon manage a balancing act that countless other bands can only dream of: unconditional artistic freedom, worldwide recognition and financial success. What began in 2008 with the album "For Emma, ​​Forever Ago", experienced an incomparable soar in the following twelve years.

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Bon Iver won two Grammys and released albums that not only delighted critics, but also brought together fans of all kinds of genres. Folk, singer-songwriter, electronic music, pop, rock, soul - all of these styles of music easily come together in the music of Bon Iver. This is also the case with her new work “i, i”.

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Here's what you need to know about Bon Iver:

1. Bon Iver's first album was made in a hunting lodge

In 2006, Justin Vernon's band DeYarmond Edison broke up, the members of which had moved to Raleigh, North Carolina together. The relationship with his girlfriend at the time also broke up. Dejected and plagued by glandular fever, Vernon moved back to his native Wisconsin. There he moved into his father's hunting lodge near the small town of Eau Claire in order to process the experiences of the past few months in isolation.

It was not part of Vernon's plan to record an album during these days. Most of all, it was the music that helped him cope with his emotions. “For Emma, ​​Forever Ago” was created bit by bit. Vernon used simple equipment, some of which he borrowed from friends and family. He initially wanted to send the recordings as demos to record companies, but after positive reactions from his environment, he decided to publish the songs in their former form and on his own. The Bon Iver phenomenon took its course.

2. An official Bon Iver day

The Mayor of Milwaukee, the capital of Wisconsin, made July 22nd official Bon Iver Day. On the occasion of the upcoming world tour in 2011, he wanted to express his appreciation for the band that had done so much for the state in the far north of the USA. The deep roots of Justin Vernon in his homeland, from which he did not move even after the great successes, did the rest. The mayor of Eau Claire then named December 13th as the Bon Iver Day.

3. Justin Vernon's fight against himself

Despite the success with his music - or because of the success - Justin Vernon found himself exposed to mental problems after the release of the second Bon Iver album "Bon Iver" and the long tours. To be famous was never what he was about, as he told the British Guardian in an interview. All the side effects made sure that he needed time for himself and away from the band.

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He decided to live on the Greek island of Santorini for a while. But since he was a bad planner, he traveled to Europe at a time when the island was deserted. In the midst of the already challenging situation, Vernon also experienced panic attacks and anxiety, so that he traveled back to the United States to seek professional help. But there were also moments of joy and productivity in Greece. The first ideas for the 2016 album "22, A Million" came from Santorini. About his battle for mental health, he told the Guardian:

"I don't like to talk about it, but I think it's important so that other people with these experiences don't think that it's just them."

4. Bon Iver and Kanye West

One of the key people reminding Justin Vernon to look out for his needs was none other than Kanye West. According to Vernon, West is about loving yourself and believing in yourself. Also in an interview with the Guardian, he said:“I heard him say the other day, 'I love myself so other people can love themselves'. So that they get up in the morning, turn on a song and say, 'SHIT YES!' And that's what it's all about. "

Years earlier, Justin Vernon and Kanye West had worked together on West's hit album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". West wanted Vernon to join him in Hawaii, but cold-loving Vernon preferred to stay in Wisconsin. In fact, Kanye West set off for the wintry state on the Canadian border, but heavy snowfalls thwarted his plans. His flight has been canceled. Eventually Vernon flew to Hawaii and found a good friend in Kanye West.


5. Why is the band called Bon Iver?

When Justin Vernon was bedridden by Pfeiffer's glandular fever, he had little choice but to watch DVDs for hours. These included a few seasons of the 1990s series "Northern Exposure," which is set in Alaska. The protagonists greeted each other with the words"Bon Hiver", French for "good winter" when the first snowfall was about to begin. Vernon made a note of what he heard as"Boniverre", but when he learned the correct spelling, he decided against it. The word “hiver” reminded him too much of that time"Liver"(Liver) and thus of his illness.

6. Bon Iver's “Perth” is reminiscent of Heath Ledger

The song "Perth", the opener of the album "Bon Iver", is named after the Australian city of the same name. It's less about Justin Vernon's own experiences Down Under, and more about the hometown of the late actor Heath Ledger. In January 2008, Vernon and director Matt Amato shot the video for the song "The Wolves" in Justin Vernon's childhood home in Eau Claire.

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After the recordings were over, Amato received the terrible news that his best friend Heath Ledger had died. Ledger's ex-wife, Michelle Williams, called Wisconsin about this. Vernon comforted Amato for two days, who told stories of how much Ledger had enjoyed horse riding in his hometown. The next day, Vernon began writing "Perth".

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