Why are artists so introverted

31 incredibly successful introverts who make the world go round

We people in the West idealize extroverted personalities. It is believed here that these tend to be more successful than reserved and quiet people. You have a lot of confidence in someone who appears loud and dominant.

The property introversion, on the other hand, is still quite often misunderstood. In some companies it is even considered a weakness: Those who stand by their calm personality risk career disadvantages.

Such a corporate culture is hostile to talent.

Which is why introverts seem like a minority

The fact is, extroverts are no “more normal” than introverts, and neither personality type is better than the other.

Nevertheless, the reluctant people are under great pressure to adapt. You should be stereotyped, sociable, sociable, and dynamic.

That is probably one reason why introverts are perceived as a minority. They show themselves less, do not stand out and suppress their calm personality. They pretend to be more extroverted than they really are.

The successful ones do their thing

I think that's wrong and unhealthy in the long run. Lack of self-acceptance is a bad prerequisite for real success in life (however you define success). In any case, a calm and withdrawn being is no obstacle to achieving great things in this world.

Proof of this is provided by a list of famous personalities who, according to the traits reported about them, are introverted. It features extremely successful entrepreneurs, artists, politicians, entertainers and scientists.

They are people who do their thing self-confidently and rarely look for sociable situations. You like to be alone and decide against dancing at every party. Instead, they concentrate and passionately devote themselves to their tasks and projects.

Half Hollywood is introverted

For example the Canadian actor and musician Keanu Reeves. He describes himself as a thoughtful person. Being in the spotlight is just part of his job, but walking the red carpets and giving interviews is definitely not his favorite thing to do.

In a Spiegel interview he said: "I like to live a secluded life, have a solid group of friends and a family that I can build on. That's enough for me."

Also the Hollywood HaudegeClint Eastwood is introverted. He almost decided against an acting career at a young age because he thought it was a job for extroverts.

"It was only as an adult that I realized that this is not the case", he revealed at the age of 89 in an interview with the Washington Post.

In general, many actors are introverted, for example

  • Harrison Ford
  • Julia Roberts
  • Michelle Pfeiffer
  • Meg Ryan
  • Tom Hanks
  • Jack Lemmon
  • Glenn Close
  • Emma Watson
  • Tilda Swinton
  • Steve Martin

Film producers and all-rounders also belong to the rather calm natures George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen and Alfred Hitchcock.

Obviously, their personality in no way affects these giants in their art of representation. On the contrary, Clint Eastwood says: "Introverts can be great actors because they have a rich inner life"It's just a question of how you learn to express yourself."

And, as another actor from a local theater stage says: "The main thing is to know how to recharge your batteries and therefore plan enough time for yourself. "That is the key.

Stage character vs. private person

There are also numerous introverts among famous musicians. For example Keith Richards, Guitarist for the Rolling Stones, an icon of rock and roll and notorious for his excessive touring life. But privately, the songwriter, who has written numerous legendary hits with Mick Jagger, is a very quiet person who does not correspond to his image at all, says his band colleague, drummer Charlie Watts (who is at least as introverted as Richards). Bill Wyman, who has been the bass guitarist of the Stones for 30 years, also describes his former bandmate as "very introverted."

Other well-known introverted musicians include the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, his no less successful rival Prince, or the dazzling Queen singer Freddie Mercury, a real "Rampensau" and one of the best front men in rock history. He said of himself that he was extroverted on stage and introverted in private life. Apart from appearances, he is a completely different person.

The list also includes singers and actors Tom Waits, the musician and poet as well as Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan or the composer and pianist Frédéric Chopin.

If Zuckerberg were sociable, Facebook wouldn't exist

Successful introverts can also be found in business and politics.

For example, the two very wealthy entrepreneurs, major investors and patrons Warren Buffet and George Soros also reserved and quiet types. Likewise the controversial social media giant Marc Zuckerberg. If he were sociable and sociable, Facebook wouldn't exist. Zuckerberg is arguably the most influential and successful introvert on the planet. In this role he has Bill Gates replaced. The Microsoft co-founder is also introverted, immensely successful, and astronomically rich, as is Google co-founder Larry Page or the ingenious Apple inventor Stephen Wozniak.

So it's no longer a surprise that either Albert Einstein was one of the introverted people. Throughout his life he emphasized the power of imagination and one's own thoughts. He did not attest to any particular talent, but said: "I'm just passionately curious."

Introvert with an exceptional talent for communication

The American ex-president Barack Obama is considered a great speaker and does not correspond to the cliché of the shy, withdrawn and not very assertive introverts.

Obama likes to work alone and penetrate topics until he understands them. The political journalist John Heilemann described him as "introverted loner with an extraordinary talent for communication ". Obama is obviously one of those introverts who, through her calm, serious and genuine manner, can reach and move other people.

Even the most powerful woman in the world belongs to the camp of introverts. The German Chancellor has the natural communication talent of Barack Obama Angela Merkel although from. But she exercises her office no less confidently and convinces her voters with stoic calm and seriousness.


Introverts are neither better nor worse than extroverts. They just work differently.

With the list I want to dispel a prejudice: introversion doesn't seem to be a disadvantage when it comes to making a big difference.

The prerequisite for success is less an innate personality trait than a reflection on one's own strengths. Introverts usually have an above-average ability to concentrate and persistence. You can immerse yourself in tasks and topics and enjoy working alone and undisturbed.

Therefore I believe in these two theses:

  1. Many extraordinarily creative people are introverted.
  2. Innovation often has its origin in solitary thinking and experimentation and is less the result of teamwork.

Quiet people rule the world!