Can I afford to buy an apartment?

What house I can afford?

The foundation of a solid home loan is an honest cash drop. It shows you how much money you have available for a loan each month. The following two steps are necessary:

1st step: determine the monthly scope

The first thing you should do is to draw up a budget statement, including all income and expenses. With our household calculator, you can determine in a few minutes how much money you actually have available for real estate financing each month.

Household calculator

Step 2: determine the maximum purchase price

If you know your monthly margin, you can work out how much your future property can cost. Our budget calculator shows you what maximum loan amount is within your financial possibilities. In addition to the actual purchase price for the property, there are various ancillary costs that can be overlooked at first glance. Use our ancillary costs overview to get an overview of all relevant cost items.

Budget calculator

Help with a cash drop: Interhyp's advance advice

Our advance advice offers you professional support with your budget check. Even if you don't have a specific property in mind, your Interhyp financing specialist will help you free of charge and without obligation: Together with you, they will determine how much home you can afford - and what conditions are currently possible for you. In doing so, he draws on over 500 offers from banks and savings banks. This makes it easier for you to find the right property - and you also have an advantage when buying it: You can receive a financing commitment within a very short time. This also increases your chances of being awarded the contract for the purchase of your dream property.