Have you ever woken up feeling dangerous?





How well do you know your neighbors?

So far I didn't know her that well. However, that is currently changing and I think that's very nice. I hope that we will have a nice and sociable summer with our neighbors and the children.


Are you often lucky

The question is, what does happiness mean for oneself. So for me. Luck in the game, luck in love. Happiness with life. I am happy. But it was a long, rocky road. Because I had to understand that my happiness does not depend on someone else, that it is much more up to me. So my happiness is in my own hands. I am the blacksmith of my fortune. I am not often lucky - I tend and work on my own happiness.


Which girlfriend are you most different from?

A difficult question, in my opinion. Because we are all somehow very different. I am very similar to my girlfriend in many ways and yet we are as different as day and night. So I can't work out the biggest difference. Hmmm. Really difficult.



What do you do differently from your parents?

When I look back, there are some things that I would have liked to have been different today. And that's exactly what I do differently. When I was pregnant with Anni at the time, I thought a lot about motherhood. About what kind of mom I want to be. What I want to pass on or set an example. About such things. Of course, a lot has happened over the years. Some things I do differently today. But basically it is like this: we live love and we also exemplify it. We educate at eye level and respectfully.


What gives you new energy

Nature. For me, nature is a real source of energy. The forest and the water and the mountains. Actually, it doesn't matter. The main thing is nature. Chirping of birds. The wind that rushes through the fields. The sound of the sea. Green meadows, forests. And then there is the sun. When the sky is blue and the sun is shining - then I'm really full of energy. I am incredibly dependent on the weather.


Were you happy during puberty?

No. Unfortunately, no. I was insecure, often unhappy and often felt out of place. Puberty was a difficult time for me.


When was the last time you went through a night?

Last night. With the little boy who, once again, hasn't really gotten much sleep. And neither do I. But otherwise - really drinking ?! That was with Sarah in Hamburg after the flogst conference. Afterwards we were still dancing and pounding on the plaster. That was so incredibly good. In the morning I went for a walk along the icy cold Elbe early in the morning. That was lovely.


What is your favorite thing to do in your daydreams?

I don't seem to be the big daydreaming type. Or I lack time and peace. Who knows.


Do you look around often?

No. Because I feel safe. There was also a phase in my life when it wasn't like that. I was driven by fear. From powerlessness and grief. A time when I was very isolated. Out of fear. From a lack of strength. For so many reasons. Today I can still remember that time, but I can barely empathize with it. It only happens very rarely that this fear grips me. Actually, it doesn't happen anymore. Overcome. Like so much. Left behind. Made a cut.


What do most people not know about you?

Oh - so so much. An awful lot. I always only tell fragments from my life or our everyday life. Sequences. Sequences I like to share. Just little breadcrumbs I'm ready to share. But in the end there is so much more. So many things that I don't want to show to the general public. Which I won't tell you about. Because I don't feel like it, because I want to keep it to ourselves. Also lots of nice things. Because I'm afraid they might lose the spell then. And things that are so private that they stay private. Thoughts that I share with myself or with us. But not on the net. Actually, there is maybe a maximum of 15 percent from my real life here. Maximum In other words - there are really a lot of things that people don't know about me.


What do you keep arguing about with your partner?

Education and the issue of order. The subject of parenting is simply complex and it is important to pull together. And yet you sometimes have different opinions or handle things in very different ways. While I tend to say no to certain things, it is difficult for Henry, for example, to say no. Yes, if - then education is the issue here. And order. And whoever thinks I'm the oversized chaot here is wrong - haha. I'm a mess too, no question about it. But I know someone there who likes to leave everything behind. And that annoys me a lot. 😉


What do you look forward to every day?

Honestly? It sounds trite, but I enjoy being the mother of these children every single day. It fills me completely, and it makes me so incredibly happy. And then I'm really really happy to be able to express myself creatively. This is something very precious to me.

What friendship from before are you missing?

No. I have wonderful friendships and I am very happy to have people around me who are good. With whom one can laugh and cry. Who are there. Yes, with whom you are a unit.

How do you deal with stress?

It is very different. But in general I still see a lot of potential there. In any case, this is something I could and should start again.


Do you occasionally act differently than you are?

Clear. Not all of them will do that. I mean, how often do you pretend to be stronger than you are? Or you don't want to show weakness in any case. In some situations I am insecure and try to cover it up. These are all moments in which you present yourself differently than you are (or at least you try to).


In what ways are you equal to your father?

I think I got my creativity from my father. In any case. And sometimes that heart is way too big. Not being able to “say no” well.


Can you force happiness?

In a nutshell: No!


What type of argument are you?

Hello good culture of debate, i bims.

I am a very emotional person and I always give it a lot of feeling and heart. So yes, even in disputes, the emotions often run away with me, haha.

Are you really awake in the morning when you wake up?

That too is very different. Sometimes yes sometimes no.


How does your laugh sound

Very different. But I can really laugh from the bottom of my heart and it can happen that I can't stop at all. And sometimes I have an incredibly "dirty" smile, says Henry.


Is there friendship at first sight?

Most of you are probably thinking straight away: No, that definitely doesn't exist. But I've seen it. They exist. When I saw my girlfriend in Munich at the time, I knew straight away that I like her. And zap, I pressed my eye on her - haha. And that was ten years ago and we're still very close and I can't imagine life without her. She is important to me. What we haven't already experienced. When I think that it was really a kind of “very strong sympathy at first sight”, then that's crazy.


Do you give yourself regular breaks?

Yes, yes. And then consciously. I try to secure the few minutes in the bathroom in the morning. So just for me. I like to put on something nice for myself. And I also try to give myself such small islands. Sometimes it works better, sometimes less. But yes, yes - I'll do that. Right now, over the last two or three weeks, it actually worked really well.


Have you ever been in love without wanting to be?

Can you be in love and want it or not want it ?! Isn't it more likely that we fall in love and then one is overwhelmed by the feelings. Without being able to control it in a big way. Sometimes you have feelings for someone and you know that this is actually not wise {or good}. But fall in love because I want you to? That sounds kind of strange.


Do you put people in drawers?

That is such an important and good question.

You know, I always thought in drawers very quickly. That somehow makes it easier for you. It's just really the easier way. But it is just not fair and it is not good either. So at some point I started to consciously pay attention to it. To question my thoughts. Not always tearing open drawers and pushing people into this or that drawer. And that works fine. I really think much less in pigeon holes and I also have a lot less prejudice. And yet of course it sometimes happens that a drawer unconsciously opens. Fortunately, it is often the case that you are taught better at that very moment, and I think that's good. Because you are then nudged on the nose again and become aware of what you just thought and did wrong with it.


Which sound do you like

The sound of the sea. Chirping of birds. The sound of the wind. Rain dripping on the skylight.


When were you happiest

I think I am currently more happy and satisfied than ever before. Yes, it really is. But that was also a process.


Who do you like to be with?

There are quite a few people that I can think of. Of course, very much with my family. With my own little family. But also with my parents, my sisters and then with friends. But I also like to get to know new people and I am always happy when I come into contact with nice people.


Do you always want to explain everything?

Yes and no. Sometimes yes, sometimes not at all. I'm tired and don't feel like explaining or discussing. I'm tired of that. Since I lack the strength and I think to myself, let your counterpart say, believe, think. Anyway, just leave him. And then there are situations where I would like to explain. It is particularly important to me.


When was the last time you got over your fear?

A phone call.


What was your greatest youth sin?

There is actually one or the other youthful sin. A couple of very amusing stories are definitely included. That ole navel piercing I got when I was 16 was such a sin. Not amusing, but definitely something I shouldn't have done today. Fortunately, it didn't become the tattoo back then. What I could have saved myself in any case, the tiny clothes in metallic snake look and the eyeshadow in lilac - as block stripes under the brow.


What do you just not want to see?

There is an awful lot there. If I did that now, I would still be here tomorrow. Injustice is a topic that really takes me away. Especially social injustices.


What anecdote do you hear often about yourself?

Sometimes I hear stories that make me cry with laughter. I seriously wonder who has so much imagination. Really. Maybe I should write it all down in one post. That would be amusing for sure.


Which day in your life would you like to live again?

There are a few days and moments. I would like to hold my grandpa in my arms again. Hold him and smell him and tell him how important he is to me and how strongly he has shaped me. Grandpa, you are the most important person in my life to this day. You showed me so much and taught me so much.

Would you rather have more time or more money?

Clear case, more time. Above all, I would like to have more time for all of us together. Of course, money is also not insignificant and a little more money would probably make everyone happy. But time, time is something I really want very, very often. Not for me alone. But for us together. I often miss that.


Would you like to be able to look into the future?

No. In no case.


Are you good at defining your limits?

Difficult question. Not always good.


Have you ever got into a dangerous situation?

In fact, I've gotten into precarious situations a number of times. Starting with the fact that as a young girl I was overlooked by a car driver and hit very badly. I almost died.


Do you have a thing?

I have a lot of things. I think I'm a quirky person. For example, I always (always!) Have to check whether a lock has been turned twice. Or I have a strict sequence for certain everyday actions that I don't deviate from. Little things. But in any case they are tics.

Is happiness a goal or a snapshot?

So many questions about happiness today. Crazy. As I said, I believe that only we ourselves can create our own happiness. Completely independent. Our environment or the like is not responsible for our happiness. For me, happiness has been a goal for a long time. When I sat there, I always imagined what it could be like when I was happy one day. When I finally get the luck I want Totally insane. Instead of picking it up. To see where it is hacking. What can I clean up. How can I develop. What makes me happy What does happiness actually mean for me in particular? Questions about questions that have to be asked if you want to go your own way.


Who would you want to spend your last minutes with?

Clearly - with my children and Henry.



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