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Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is the weapon XI created by William Stryker. Little is known about Wade's past other than that he formerly teamed up with William Stryker as well as Logan Howlett (Wolverine), Victor Creed (Sabretooth), Bradley, Fred Dukes, John Wraith and Agent Zero to form Team X. So far he is the only mutant who has ever fought with two katanas and speaks fluently different languages: German, Spanish, English and Japanese

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Through Colonel Stryker Wilson became the killing machine Deadpool, who should kill Wolverine for him, which he almost succeeded at first, before Victor Creed suddenly appeared and Wolverine stood by the side in the fight. It seems as if Stryker implanted a control chip in his body because it was able to control it with the help of a computer. Its skeleton and implanted swords are also made of adamantium. Since the past is rewritten in the X-Men sequel "X-Men: Future is Past", an alternative timeline applies from this point in time in which all X-Men films (including the events in X-Men Origins Wolverine) are considered void. Deadpool may still exist, but after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, he went from a private organization led by a mutant named Ajax to a mutant under extreme methods. He now had the best healing mutation ever seen in a mutant. Wade Wilson was and is known as "The Merc with the Mouth" and is an anti-hero .

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