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Goethe to F. H. Jacobi, August 18, 1792

Comprehensive databases

The Genios database contains articles from numerous national daily and weekly newspapers as well as databases on economics, the social sciences and people. The quick search is available free of charge. On the results page you will find the bibliographical information with price information.

Google News (Germany)

Newspaper archives of individual newspapers and magazines

Young World online archive since 1997

New Germany online archive since May 2001

The Spiegel archive from 1946 to the present day (with the exception of the last year).

Search in the taz archive since 1986. You can then view the results from the last six months using the date, earlier articles are subject to a charge.

Search in the archive of the WDR with radio reports (approx. 3 months)

Archive of the World since 1995. The full-page archive contains all issues since March 1, 2001 as single pages in PDF format.

Archive of all articles published in the online edition of Die Zeit since 1996 as well as individual editions from the years since 1946

Newspaper archives with articles from the last month

Frankfurter Allgemeine (on the home page)

Archive of the Süddeutsche Zeitung

Tagesspiegel archive

Digitized historical newspapers

Relation: All fame and memorable histories [...]. Strasbourg 1609. Oldest newspaper in the world (Heidelberg University Library).

Augspurgische Ordinari postal newspaper, 1770-1806. Continuation 1807 - 1848 in preparation. Digitization project of the university library and the state and city library Augsburg.

Austrian Newspapers Online has been building a database of digitized Austrian newspaper stocks since 1703. Currently the earliest newspaper dates from 1780, the newest from 1935. Access via the timeline or newspapers, output in the form of graphic files or downloading of PDF files.

Coburger Zeitung 1854-1934 (Bayerische Landesbibliothek Online).

Arbeiterzeitung, Vienna (1945-89, complete).

Freiburg newspaper (1784-1929) and Staufener Wochenblatt (1902-1955) (University of Freiburg).

Newspaper archives in other European languages

Le Figaro, 1826-1842 with some gaps (Gallica).

Japanese and Korean newspapers

Asahi Shimbun online - English edition

Yomiuri Shimbun online - premium edition (paying) - English edition

Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei) - Nikkei Asian Review

Korea Herald

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