What is the definition of technical wetlands

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

Conference of the Contracting Parties (COP)

Representatives of the governments of all contracting parties meet every three years as part of the COP, including: to agree on a work program for the next three-year period, to adopt guidelines on various priority topics and to deliberate on current and emerging topics. Representatives of non-member states, intergovernmental institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) also take part in the conference as non-voting observers.

Standing Committee

The Ramsar Convention Standing Committee oversees the affairs of the Convention and the activities of the Secretariat. He represents the Conference of the Parties between their triennial meetings in the context of the decisions taken by the COP.

Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP)

The Scientific and Technical Review Committee was set up to provide scientific and technical advice to the Conference of the Parties, the Standing Committee and the Secretariat of the Convention for the Protection and Sustainable Use of Wetlands.


The Secretariat coordinates the activities of the Convention. The tasks of the secretariat include, for example: