Which crime begins with the letter S.

How Kurt S. confessed to more and more murders

The police initially assume that their suspect is "only" responsible for the death of a 13-year-old boy. But the whole truth is much worse.

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The year is 1978. Andrew, 13, is the son of a British soldier. In the early evening of October 27th, Andrew rides his Bonanza bike to a youth club and disappears without a trace on the way.

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It is the first case for the then young Commissioner Hennes Jöris. He was just finishing his police training when he was called to find the boy's body in a demolition house.

The search for the murderer begins

Only a knife that the officers find is an indication of the unknown perpetrator. A homicide commission is set up, hundreds of people are questioned, the officers are highly motivated to investigate the crime.

There were also one or two people - I don't remember exactly today - who were provisionally arrested, but the suspicion was never substantiated.

What the officers around investigator Jöris do not yet know at this point: Only another murder, six years later, will put them on the right track. And little Andrew's killer has a lot more to do with it.

As Kurt S. confessed to more and more murders - click through the investigation file:

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