Accidentally saw someone naked

Embarrassing, has anyone ever involuntarily seen you naked?

Something embarrassing happened to me once. My brother and I still lived at home. My brother's best friend was visiting. I just got back from exercising and wanted to take a shower first. After showering, I was still naked in the bathroom, the door suddenly opened and my brother's friend wanted to go to the bathroom. He stared at me in shock and then pulled the door shut again. I didn't have that many hands to cover at the moment. I let go of such a stupid scream in shock.
Yes, since then he has been among those who know what my bare breasts look like.
Has something similar embarrassing happened to you before, where someone saw you butt or breasts or even naked without you wanting it?
Or is something stupid just happening to me?

Last year I was lying on the beach and had my bikini top open (I was lying on my stomach) .... then fell asleep ... when I woke up later, I had forgotten that my bikini was open and got up .. nahja And stood up without there ... luckily I had my hands up quickly: D luck im unlüxk ...

my grandfather.
I sat on the toilet and he thought he had to burst in -_-

haha only my (step) dad surprised me while peeing because I depp in old habit (I don't live there anymore) didn’t lock the door: -But it doesn’t matter.
otherwise nobody unintentionally up close ;-) maybe someone saw us having sex outside in the bulli? or any neighbor of the house opposite me when I get dressed in the room after taking a shower?! no idea, I’m Wayne.

jab at the shower ... I forgot to lock the door then my little brother opened the door and tadaaaa ...... a good friend just walked past the bathroom .... really embarrassing ^^ he waved: P

The one with the wave is funny * roll *

I've ever got stuck in a door, or my top ... Well, thank god it was just a little torn and I had it closed faster than quickly by hand ... well, whoever saw what should see the sight as a souvenir keep xD

I once burst my bikini top in the bathroom ... and suddenly I was topless :)

as you can see you are not the only one who happens like this :)

In spain we had to pee and looked for a place, well then the security guard came (the guys just have to pull tight, but we both couldn't pull up our pants fast enough ...)
I was really embarrassed because he gawked there

For me the door was already opened when I was sitting on the toilet :-D That will never happen to me again! :-D
And then when I sleep I'm naked under my top and it can sometimes slip up. When my mother woke me up, she said: "I'm sorry! I saw your breasts!" :-D

Something really embarrassing happens to me, too. I showered in an extra room to put on because I knew that my brother's friends were with me, and whoosh, they run into my room because they thought I was still in the bathroom: D

oh, quite often! mostly on vacation bikini slipped open or something! ;) there you go, but once again it was really embarrassing! I had changed clothes and danced around stupidly, the bad thing was that if someone is on the balcony with me he can also look into my window. my brother's friend was on the balcony to have a smoke and watched me the whole time until I noticed. I was a bit embarrassed: D but well, you can't change it ..

I was on a student exchange and there were no keys in the toilet doors .. and boom !!! Suddenly the door opened and a pupil stood in the door frame while I stayed in the toilet ... but luckily di is far away and it was a long time ago ...

no, this has never happened to me

THAT is embarrassing: my friend went shopping - I took a shower - then it rings ... I thought he had forgotten his key, just give me a towel, open the door and who's there ... my boss ! he wanted to bring me documents! and because that is not enough in the embarrassment, the towel slipped away when I wanted to take the documents ...
man that was embarrassing!

@Claudia: Embarrassing yes, but also funny: D