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US study New agent kills coronaviruses in cells and mice

It sounds a bit like the ultimate weapon against corona, which the team of researchers from US universities in Wichita, Iowa, Kansas and a New York research center has developed: broad-spectrum antiviral agents that, according to the scientists, should help against all coronaviruses. These are a number of antiviral compounds called 3C-like protease inhibitors that target an enzyme that is essential for coronavirus replication.

As the researchers report in their study published in Science magazine, they succeeded in using various variants to inhibit or kill SARS-CoV-2, the MERS virus and other coronaviruses, both in cell cultures with human cells and in mice.

Virus volume reduced by 90 percent

Since there are currently only a few effective antiviral agents (such as Remdesevir) and no approved vaccines, the researchers recommend further developing their active ingredients. Even with accelerated development in corona times, this can still take many months or years.

Also cured cat peritonitis

According to the study, the potential of the active ingredients goes even further. The researchers used one of the coronavirus 3CLpro inhibitors (GC376, currently in clinical development according to the publication) in cats with infectious feline peritonitis (FIP). This disease is almost always fatal. In this case the disease could be stopped. The use resulted in "clinical remission", as the publication states. In other words, all the signs of the disease disappeared.