How can I lose weight without motivation

Finally feel good again! With this motivation to lose weight, it works

Most want to slim down a little to look better. A good reason, but often that's not enough motivation to lose weight. Better reasons are needed that mean more to you and that really move you to stick with it and persevere. Because losing weight is tough, we all know that. You have to change your behavior, exercise regularly and stop reaching for chocolate and chips as often. It would be better to switch to healthy snack alternatives.

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But how do you find the right motivation to lose weight? Take a moment, sit on the sofa with a piece of paper and a pen and think about WHY you want to lose weight in the first place. Write all the reasons, no matter how unimportant, in large letters on a piece of paper. The best thing to do is to hang up the notes in your apartment where they are clearly visible: next to the mirror in the bathroom, in the living room and next to the bed. This always reminds you why you started losing weight in the first place and will give you more strength!

A few more tips to help you stick to the diet and lose weight permanently: Set yourself small goals. A pound a week is a good goal. You shouldn't lose weight any faster. You can also set yourself milestones, for example three kilos after 1.5 months. When you have achieved the goal, you will reward yourself with a new bag or a great lipstick. And very important: do not forbid yourself any food! This will give you food cravings.

1st reason: health

Probably the most important reason to lose weight is health. Being very overweight is not healthy. Realize that if you weigh a little less, you lower your risk of diabetes, heart attack, stroke, or even cancer. Less weight is much better for the bones and joints too. People who are overweight also have a lower life expectancy. Remember: you only have this one life and you should treat your body well.

2nd reason: quality of life

Finally fun in the outdoor pool again, have a larger selection when shopping and no longer be completely out of breath after a floor: Your quality of life will simply be much better with a few kilos less. In everyday life, too, everything will be easier for you when you have lost weight. Fit people are more active and do more a day. No matter whether you are cleaning, shopping or at work. You will feel fitter and more comfortable all round! Live healthy: The 10 best tips to do something good for your body.

3rd reason: family and children

If you have a desire to have a family, you should be aware that being overweight can affect fertility.
If the children are already there, it may be a motivation for you to be able to play with the little ones as you would like. With a few pounds less, you can move much faster and you won't be out of breath as quickly.

4th reason: dreams

Everyone has a few dreams and wishes that they would like to fulfill - but the weight throws the bill. Think about your wish. Do you want to finally fit into your dearest dress again, run a marathon or are you getting married soon and want to look really good on your wedding day? Always keep your goal in mind and imagine what it would be like if you were slimmer. This will help you stick to your diet.

5th reason: more self-esteem

If you feel the desire to want to lose weight, you are currently probably feeling uncomfortable in your skin and have little self-esteem. It is so important for life to feel confident and pretty. When you are satisfied with yourself, you will see the world with completely different eyes and you will finally stop complaining about every little thing. Bye, wallflower! SO you will finally be quick-witted and self-confident.

6th reason: relationship

This is also a big topic for many: looking good for the partner. Of course, that shouldn't be the main reason you want to lose weight. Nevertheless, it is of course nice when your partner likes you too. When you feel comfortable in front of him again, even though you are only wearing underwear. If you find yourself attractive, you radiate that too and it will have a positive effect on your relationship.

There is no perfect way to lose weight. First and foremost, you should pay attention to your diet. You can find great recipe ideas for a low-calorie diet here. Sport is also an indispensable part of a diet. But if you haven't had fun in sport so far, do our test and find out which sport suits YOU. This can also motivate you to lose weight. I wish you success!