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Epoxy hybrid coating prevents blistering


Moisture barrier prevents osmotic blistering: with the help of the StoCrete EH 200 / EH 280 epoxy hybrids, even damp substrates can now be coated with reactive resins without any problems - after a curing time of just four hours. The cement system combines the advantages of copolymers and epoxy resins. This creates a waterproof, but water vapor diffusible intermediate coating that reliably prevents osmotic bubble formation.

Moisture in the subsurface can lead to osmotic blistering of water vapor impermeable floor coatings based on epoxy or polyurethane resin. These bubbles not only look unsightly, they also affect functionality. Causes are, for example, substrates with increased residual moisture or substrates that have been dampened from behind, but also the premature coating of new concrete and cement screed surfaces. In order to counteract this problem, an intermediate layer is required for fresh, damp or backwardly damp concrete, which can be reworked with the final coating in a timely manner after it has hardened quickly. StoCretec offers a new solution for these requirements: the epoxy hybrid coatings StoCrete EH 200 for horizontal surfaces and StoCrete EH 280 for vertical surfaces. These use an advanced technology that combines the advantages of copolymers and epoxy resins in a self-leveling, water-based, cement-based system.

Principle of the epoxy hybrid

A hybrid arises from the crossing of different things. We come across this term often in technology. Cars with hybrid technology, for example, combine different drive technologies (such as gasoline and electric motors). The new epoxy hybrid system from StoCretec consists of a powder and a liquid component. If these are mixed, two curing mechanisms take place in parallel:

• Hydration of cement and water

• Polyaddition reaction of epoxy resin with amine hardener

The epoxy resin accumulates in the pores of the cement matrix and narrows them. This creates a waterproof, but nonetheless water vapor diffusible layer that prevents the risk of osmotic bubble formation during the subsequent floor coating. Areas of application are:

• as a moisture barrier under reaction resin coatings (damp and backwardly damp substrates).

• in combination with a quick top coat as a 1-day coating.

• as a leveling layer under reaction resin coatings on substrates with high roughness depths.

• As a wear-resistant floor covering for damp surfaces with no basement and with less aesthetic demands.

• as a scattered OS 8 coating in the car park.

Hybrid technology offers numerous advantages:

• Coating is suitable for damp and backwardly damp substrates as well as for young concrete.

• Very fast curing (coating possible after four hours).

• excellent flow due to low viscosity.

• excellent ventilation.

• pore-free after hardening, even on porous substrates.

• No additional primer required when overcoating with StoCretec epoxy resins.

• Very good adhesion of the StoCretec epoxy resin products.

• can be filled with quartz sand.

• Can be used indoors and outdoors.

• Liquid water tight - but water vapor diffusible.

• corresponds to EN 13813 and 1504-2.