What do you recommend for Opera

Apps / software Opera add-ons - the 10 best extensions


Opera is meanwhile used by more than 200 million users worldwide and This makes it one of the most popular web browsers. Opera already comes with a few built-in add-ons, including an ad blocker and a free VPN service. But you can still improve your surfing experience with further enhancements.

By the way: You can read here how to install add-ons in Opera.

Install Chrome Extensions

The Opera Extensions Library has a lot to offer, but it doesn't have the variety of extensions available in Chrome. After installing Install Chrome Extensions, you can simply go to the Chrome Web Store and add any extensions you want. This only applies to extensions, not to themes.

I don't care about cookies

According to EU regulations, any website that uses tracking cookies must obtain the user's permission prior to installation. This can be quite annoying, especially if you visit new websites often. With the add-on I don't care about cookies you can save yourself this hassle, because such messages will then be blocked.

Magic Actions for YouTube


With Magic Actions for YouTube you can improve your YouTube experience and concentrate fully on the video you are about to watch. The extension includes an AutoHD feature, a feature that lets you control the volume with the mouse wheel, and a 1-click cinema dous that darkens everything on your screen behind the video.


Ddict is a browser extension that allows you to translate text on web pages with just a click of the mouse or a keystroke. In addition to being a translator, this extension is also a dictionary that you can use to look up other meanings of a word.


Scroll To Top Button

The Scroll To Top Button extension enables you to quickly return to the beginning or the end of a web page with just one click of a button. You can make several settings, such as the size, design or transparency of the button.

Dark mode


Dark Mode is an add-on that allows you to darken the browser or choose from 20 other designs. There is also a whitelist feature that you can use to exclude certain websites from dark mode.

Image reverse search

The Google search engine already has reverse image search and now you can add it to Opera too: Image reverse search allows you to search backwards for images to learn more about them and possibly find the original source.



LastPass is a password manager that creates a master password so that you can log into your favorite websites with just one click. With an autofill feature, LastPass stores your username and password for multiple accounts, making it easy for you to browse the web.



The extension Gismeteo gives you instant access to current local temperatures and hourly weather forecasts. Select your location from the settings menu or look for another to see what's going on in other cities. The extension also includes the ability to customize functions such as designs, symbols or language.

Boomerang for Gmail

If you've always wanted to know if and when your email was read, or if you'd like to send a specific email at a later date, give Boomerang for Gmail a try. This extension allows you to easily integrate email scheduling, reminders and read notifications. You can also download the app for Android or iOS to extend the functions to your smartphone.