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Press release No. 200 / 2019-12-09 "Environmental education is a priority at these schools" - Minister of Education Michael Piazolo awards "Environmental School in Europe / International Sustainability School" to 163 schools in Upper Bavaria and Swabia

MUNICH. Bavarian schoolchildren are actively involved in environmental protection: Today 163 schools from Upper Bavaria and Swabia have received the award “Environmental School in Europe / International Sustainability School” for their creative projects in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development. The Bavarian Minister of Education, Michael Piazolo, congratulated the winning schools at the official award in the Willi-Graf-Gymnasium and praised the exemplary commitment of the students: “With your projects you have made an active contribution to the environmentally friendly organization of everyday school life. It is impressive how much commitment and initiative you take on responsibility for our future. Environmental education is very important at your school - you have earned the award as an environmental school. "

Education for sustainable development is anchored in the Bavarian curricula as an interdisciplinary educational goal: "Our schools make an excellent contribution to environmental education," the minister continued. "Especially with projects, young people are interested in environmentally conscious behavior and a sustainable lifestyle." For the award as an "environmental school", the students dealt with a variety of environmentally relevant future issues: In the projects, ideas about biological diversity, For example, implemented by creating insect-friendly flowering meadows, tree-planting campaigns for the school environment or the production of school-owned honey. Climate protection, one world concerns / social sustainability and waste / plastic avoidance were also on the agenda. In the summer, the students presented their contributions and results to an expert jury consisting of experts from the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture, the Ministry of the Environment and the Academy for Teacher Training and Personnel Management in Dillingen. This decided which schools would receive the award.

About the award "Environmental School in Europe / International Sustainability School"

Environmental School in Europe - International Sustainability School ”is an award for which participating schools process and document two projects on the subject of the environment and sustainability within one school year. Over 49,000 schools in over 50 countries are participating in the project. The State Association for Bird Protection in Bavaria e. v. (LBV) coordinates the award on behalf of the German Society for Environmental Education (DGU). This year, 479 schools from all over Bavaria have received the "Environmental School" rating. 163 of them, the schools from Upper Bavaria and Swabia, were honored today in the municipal Willi-Graf-Gymnasium in Munich. The award is valid for one year and is intended to serve as an impetus for schools to continue environmentally conscious and sustainable school development.

Photos from the event can be accessed from around 4 p.m. under the following link: https://www.umweltbildung.bayern.de/projekte/umweltschulen/index.htm

The excellent schools from Upper Bavaria and Swabia:


City of Ingolstadt

Katharinen-Gymnasium Ingolstadt, 85049 Ingolstadt
Christoph-Scheiner-Gymnasium Ingolstadt, 85049 Ingolstadt
Vocational high school Ingolstadt, 85049 Ingolstadt

City of Munich

Municipal Luisengymnasium Munich, 80333 Munich
Carl-von-Linde-Realschule Munich, 80339 Munich
Luitpold-Gymnasium Munich, 80538 Munich
Rupprecht-Gymnasium Munich, 80636 Munich
Primary school on Blutenburgstrasse Munich, 80636 Munich
Nymphenburg Schools Munich, 80638 Munich
Municipal Willi-Graf-Gymnasium Munich, 80804 Munich
Maria-Montessorischule in the Olympiapark Munich, 80809 Munich
Nelson Mandela BOS Economy Munich, 80933 Munich
Balthasar Neumann Realschule Munich, 80937 Munich
Lycee Jean Renoir Munich, 81373 Munich
Municipal Thomas-Mann-Gymnasium Munich, 81477 Munich
Michaeli-Gymnasium Munich, 81671 Munich
Municipal Fridtjof-Nansen-Realschule Munich, 81675 Munich
Primary school on Kirchenstrasse Munich, 81675 Munich
Gymnasium Max-Josef-Stift Munich, 81677 Munich
Municipal Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium Munich, 81735 Munich
European School Munich, 81739 Munich
Private Pestalozzi Realschule Munich, 81825 Munich
Gymnasium Trudering, 81827 Munich
Primary school teacher-Götz-Weg Munich, 81829 Munich
Wilhelm-Hausenstein-Gymnasium Munich, 81925 Munich

City of Rosenheim

Vocational school 2 Rosenheim, 3022 Rosenheim
Sebastian-Finsterwalder-Gymnasium Rosenheim, 83022 Rosenheim
Vocational school 1 Rosenheim, 83024 Rosenheim

Altötting district

Weiß-Ferdl-Mittelschule Altötting, 84503 Altötting
Vocational schools Altötting, 84503 Altötting
Haiming Primary School, 84533 Haiming

Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen district

Special educational support center Bad Tölz, 83646 Bad Tölz
Archbishop St. Ursula Girls' Secondary School Hohenburg, 83661 Lenggries
Archbishop's St. Ursula-Gymnasium Hohenburg, 83661 Lenggries
Elementary School Bad Heilbrunn, 83670 Bad Heilbrunn

District of Berchtesgadener Land

Ainring primary school, 83404 Ainring
Rottmayr-Gymnasium Laufen, 83410 Laufen
Saaldorf-Surheim primary school, 83416 Saaldorf-Surheim
Middle School Bad Reichenhall, 83435 Bad Reichenhall

District of Dachau

Bavarian International School Haimhausen, 85778 Haimhausen

District of Ebersberg

Grafing grammar school, 85567 Grafing
Grafen-von-Sempt-Mittelschule Markt Schwaben, 85570 Markt Schwaben
Humboldt-Gymnasium Vaterstetten, 85598 Baldham
Elementary and middle school Aßling, 85617 Aßling
Hohenlinden primary school, 85664 Hohenlinden

District of Eichstätt

Montessori School Eichstätt, 85072 Eichstätt
Gymnasium Gaimersheim, 85080 Gaimersheim
Gaimersheim primary school, 85080 Gaimersheim
Elementary and middle school Pförring, 85104 Pförring
Walting primary school, 85137 Walting

District of Erding

Gymnasium Dorfen, 84405 Dorfen
Korbinian-Aigner-Gymnasium Erding, 85435 Erding
Anne-Frank-Gymnasium Erding, 85435 Erding
Dr. Herbert Weinberger School Erding, 85435 Erding

District of Freising

Karl-Meichelbeck-Realschule Freising, 85354 Freising
Vocational High School Freising, 85354 Freising
Primary school on Fürholzer Weg Neufahrn, 85375 Neufahrn

Fürstenfeldbruck district

Max-Born-Gymnasium Germering, 82110 Germering
Primary school Esting, 82140 Olching
Gymnasium Puchheim, 82178 Puchheim
Orlando-di-Lasso-Realschule Maisach, 82216 Maisach
Viscardi-Gymnasium Fürstenfeldbruck, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck
Graf-Rasso-Gymnasium Fürstenfeldbruck, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

District of Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Emanuel von Seidl Primary School Murnau, 82418 Murnau
Christoph Probst Middle School Murnau, 82418 Murnau
Werdenfels-Gymnasium Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Elementary and middle school Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Elementary and middle school Garmisch-Partenkirchen am Gröben, 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Miesbach district

Private all-day schools Holzkirchen, 83607 Holzkirchen
Quirin-Regulator-Primary School Holzkirchen, 83607 Holzkirchen
Gymnasium Miesbach, 83714 Miesbach

District of Mühldorf am Inn

Franz Liszt Middle School Waldkraiburg, 84478 Waldkraiburg

District of Munich

Oberhaching grammar school, 82041 Oberhaching
Middle and business school Oberhaching, 82041 Oberhaching
Archbishop's Pater-Rupert-Mayer-Gymnasium Pullach, 82049 Pullach
Archbishop Pater Rupert Mayer Realschule Pullach, 82049 Pullach
Friedrich von Aychsteter Primary School Sauerlach, 82054 Sauerlach
Baierbrunn Elementary School, 82065 Baierbrunn
Kurt-Huber-Gymnasium Graefelfing, 82166 Graefelfing
Ottobrunn grammar school, 85521 Ottobrunn
Elementary school Ottobrunn on Friedenstraße, 85521 Ottobrunn
Ernst-Mach-Gymnasium Haar, 85540 Haar
Primary school at Jagdfeldring Haar, 85540 Haar
Middle school hair, 85540 hair
Primary school on St. Konradstrasse Haar, 85540 Haar
Gymnasium Kirchheim, 85551 Kirchheim
Emile-Montessorischule München-Südost, 85579 Neubiberg
St.-Emmeram-Realschule Aschheim, 85609 Aschheim
Elementary school Neukeferloh, 85630 Grasbrunn
Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn High School, 85635 Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn
Primary School Putzbrunn, 85640 Putzbrunn
Helfendorf primary school in Aying, 85653 Aying

District of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen

Schrobenhausen High School, 86529 Schrobenhausen
Max-von-Pettenkofer Technical and Vocational High School Neuburg, 86633 Neuburg
Elementary school Neuburg Ost, 86633 Neuburg
Elementary and middle school Ehekirchen, 86676 Ehekirchen

District of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm

Elementary and middle school Pfaffenhofen, 85276, Pfaffenhofen
State vocational school Pfaffenhofen, 85276 Pfaffenhofen
Primary school Niederscheyern, 85276 Pfaffenhofen
Adolf Rebl School Pfaffenhofen, 85276 Pfaffenhofen
Regens-Wagner-Schule Hohenwart, private support center hearing, 86558 Hohenwart

District of Rosenheim

Wilhelm-Leibl-Realschule Bad Aibling, 83043 Bad Aibling
Gymnasium Bruckmühl, 83052 Bruckmühl
Staatliche Realschule Bruckmühl, 83052 Bruckmühl
Fritz Schäffer Elementary and Middle School Ostermünchen, 83104 Tuntenhausen
Ludwig-Thoma-Gymnasium Prien, 83209 Prien
Primary School Rimsting, 83253 Rimsting
Primary school Vogtareuth, 83569 Vogtareuth

Starnberg district

Christian Morgenstern Elementary School Herrsching, 82211 Herrsching
Montessori School Inning am Ammersee, 82266 Inning
State Vocational Center Starnberg, 82319 Starnberg
Munich International School e.V., 82319 Starnberg
Benedictus Realschule Tutzing, 82327 Tutzing
Gymnasium Tutzing, 82327 Tutzing
Elementary and middle school Tutzing, 82327 Tutzing
Primary School Pöcking, 82343 Pöcking

District of Traunstein

State school home Marquartstein, 83250 Marquartstein
Annette-Kolb-Gymnasium Traunstein, 83278 Traunstein
Ludwig-Thoma-Grundschule Traunstein, 83278 Traunstein
Archbishop Maria Ward Girls Real School Traunstein-Sparz, 83278 Traunstein
Staatliche Realschule Trostberg, 83308 Trostberg
Taching Primary School, 83373 Taching

Weilheim-Schongau district

Elementary School Bernried, 82347 Bernried
Weilheim High School, 82362 Weilheim
Mayor Prandl Middle School Penzberg, 82377 Penzberg
High School Penzberg, 82377 Penzberg
Heinrich Campendonk Realschule Penzberg, 82377 Penzberg
Peiting Middle School, 86971 Peiting
Hohenfurch primary school, 86978 Hohenfurch


City of Augsburg

Commercial vocational school IV Augsburg, 86152 Augsburg
Werner von Siemens Primary School Augsburg, 86163 Augsburg
Franz von Assisi School Augsburg, 86179 Augsburg
Maria Stern High School Augsburg, 86199 Augsburg

City of Kaufbeuren

Marien-Realschule Kaufbeuren of the Schulwerk of the Diocese of Augsburg, 87600 Kaufbeuren

City of Kempten

Robert Schuman Middle School Kempten, 87437 Kempten
Hildegardis-Gymnasium Kempten, 87439 Kempten
Vocational school 3 Kempten, 87439 Kempten

City of Memmingen

Elementary and middle school Memmingen-Amendingen, 87700 Memmingen
Theodor-Heuss-Elementary School Memmingen, 87700 Memmingen
Voehlin-Gymnasium Memmingen, 87700 Memmingen

Aichach-Friedberg district

Kissing Middle School, 86438 Kissing
Kissing Primary School, 86438 Kissing
Elementary and middle school Hollenbach, 86568 Hollenbach

District of Augsburg

Oak Forest School Neusäß, 86356 Neusäß
Vocational school center Neusäß, 86356 Neusäß
Helen-Keller-Schule Dinkelscherben, 86424 Dinkelscherben
Primary School Adelsried, 86477 Adelsried

District of Dillingen on the Danube

Middle school at Schlachtegg Gundelfingen a. d. Danube, 89423 Gundelfingen
Bachtal Primary School Syrgenstein, 89428 Syrgenstein

Donau-Ries district

Private Business School Donauwörth, 86609 Donauwörth

District of Günzburg

Dossenberger Gymnasium Günzburg, 89312 Günzburg
Dominikus-Zimmermann-Realschule Günzburg, 89312 Günzburg
Markgrafen-Realschule Burgau, 89331 Burgau
Waldstetten primary school, 89367 Waldstetten

District of Lindau (Lake Constance)

Bodensee-Gymnasium Lindau, 88131 Lindau
Laubenberg primary school, 88167 Grünenbach

District of Neu-Ulm

Emil Schmid Middle School Neu-Ulm, 89231 Neu-Ulm
State vocational school and technical college Illertissen, 89257 Illertissen
Nikolaus-Kopernikus-Gymnasium Weißenhorn, 89264 Weißenhorn

District of Ostallgäu

Gymnasium Buchloe, 86807 Buchloe

District of Unterallgäu

Elementary school Kettershausen, 86498 Kettershausen
Anton-Fugger-Realschule Babenhausen, 87727 Babenhausen
Babenhausen Middle School, 87727 Babenhausen

Dr. Julia Kuntz, spokeswoman