Why is marketing your business important

Marketing knowledge

"With us it works without marketing, it only costs money" you hear some entrepreneurs say. But is that also true? Maybe the company is doing well because it is already doing marketing (or at least advertising) without knowing it? And how much better could a company (which is not yet using marketing) possibly run if, for example, new customers and markets are opened up through an efficient marketing strategy?

4 good reasons why companies shouldn't ignore marketing:

1. Because (almost) every company already does marketing - often without knowing it.

Marketing is not just advertising, nor is it a separate operational function. Marketing means Market-oriented and market-oriented corporate management - and that is what most entrepreneurs do anyway. Marketing also includes advertising measures such as the customer letter, your company website and the references of your customers that you present on it. Or the summer party that you organize for customers.
So why not call the child by name and bundle the measures that most companies already carry out and align them specifically for marketing?

2. Because marketing ensures the long-term success of your company.

Marketing is sustainable Investment in your company's success. By closely monitoring the market, you can, for example, align your products and services more closely to the needs of your customers and secure long-term sales. You can also create a targeted demand for your products in the market.

3. Because you can only sell products and services if there are buyers for them.

If nobody knows that your company and your products and services exist, then nobody will buy from you. If the customer does not understand what specific benefits your product has or does not know what you can do better than your competition, then you will hardly be able to sell your products and services. Targeted marketing counteracts this.

4. Because it makes sense to conduct marketing systematically and in a structured manner in order to increase the effectiveness and thus the success of measures.

Do not rely on selective advertising measures - the effect is low and the effort high. Instead, it is better to rely on targeted, holistic measures that you select on the basis of well-founded analyzes. This is more effective and turns your marketing into a value driver.

Marketing isn't just for big corporations. Medium-sized companies in particular should use targeted marketing to strengthen their competitive position and secure their sales in the long term.


About the author:

Rita Löschke is an expert in strategic marketing and managing director of SinnWert Marketing GmbH.

Marketing has been her livelihood and passion for more than 17 years. She trains, advises and supports SME marketers and managing directors in marketing matters. www.sinnwert-marketing.de