When do soldiers get injured, go home

6 days after the attack in Afghanistan: This is where our fallen soldiers come home

You are finally back home ...

The German soldiers wounded and fallen in Afghanistan have returned home.

In the morning an air force plane landed with the killed Bundeswehr soldiers in Cologne / Bonn. The flight started at night from the Afghan ISAF base in Mazar-e-Sharif and came to Germany via Uzbekistan.

BILD reporter Julian Reichelt flew with:

“Last night, one o'clock, runway in Termez (Uzbekistan). It's dead quiet and dark. Suddenly the gates of a huge hangar open and the soldiers salute. Glaring headlights. Hundreds of birds that have slept on the hangar doors start screeching. Then the coffins are in the open hangar. Four dead young men who can finally go home after the ashes. They are pulled past a line of saluting soldiers on small flatbed trucks, then disappear into the hold of the aircraft, one after the other. The coffins are covered with green blankets and strapped down. A sad journey home that Germany may have to get used to ... "

Relatives received the coffins in the military part of the airport in madness. The fallen are now being transferred to southern Germany.

250 comrades came back home with the dead. Your service in Afghanistan is over. First off.

On Saturday there will be a memorial service in Ingolstadt, which will be attended by Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg (CSU) and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).

Last Thursday (April 15), the four German Army soldiers were killed in a Taliban attack in the northern Afghan province of Baghlan, and five others were injured, some seriously. They too have been back in Germany since late Tuesday evening.

Zu Guttenberg had already tried to bring her home on Friday. Vain. The ash cloud forced us to stop over in Istanbul.

The worsening situation will also be an important topic in today's conversation between Guttenberg and Afghanistan Commander-in-Chief Stanley McChrystal. It is unclear whether McChrystal will make demands on Germany.

On Thursday, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) wants to express herself in an eagerly awaited government statement on the Afghanistan mission.

On Tuesday, four more soldiers were injured during the Bundeswehr mission in Afghanistan, some even seriously.

Your vehicle had an accident 30 kilometers west of the Bundeswehr base in Faisabad. According to the operational command in Geltow near Potsdam, the accident occurred “without outside interference”.

Since the Federal Armed Forces began operating in Afghanistan in 2001, a total of 43 German soldiers have died in the country in the Hindu Kush.

According to German NATO General Karl-Heinz Lather, NATO's new deployment strategy in Afghanistan will lead to more casualties among German soldiers. With the planned joint operations of the German armed forces and the Afghan army, the military will deliberately go under more people and can no longer entrench themselves in armored vehicles or in their camps, said Lather at the military NATO headquarters in Mons, Belgium.