What is detailed UX

User experience & convenience monitor

At first glance, it seems easy to "inquire" about the user experience and perceived convenience of an application, software or device. Who asks, gets answers.

Getting reliable and valid data from surveys is a science. The central prerequisite is well-developed and repeatedly tested questionnaires.

Good = A questionnaire is of high quality if:

  • The questions and answers are understandable - for everyone!
  • The order of the questions is chosen so that answers to previous questions do not influence or distort the answers to the following questions.
  • The correct answer types and scales are offered to the questions.
  • The questions measure what they should collect or measure, i.e. are valid.


Measure user experience really well!

The eresult User Experience and Shopping Convenience Monitor are used more than 50 times a year.

Since 2000 we have been working on optimally operationalizing the latent UX & convenience. To this end, numerous surveys and tests were carried out with several 100,000 people. Our questionnaires - FUX Analyzer and ConQuest - have repeatedly proven their quality.

Today we are able to predict future changes in success, such as the sales of an online shop or the re-use of an application, with a forecast quality of more than 95%.

The eresult User Experience & Convenience Monitor exists in different versions. :

The short questionnaire has 25 questions, the long version 40. It can be used on mobile devices without any problems and can also be delivered as a language version.

Benchmarking: Compare with others!

Our FUX & ConQuest questionnaires also offer you these options. More than 50 customer projects per year allow us to compare your data with the data of other applications. We provide you with average values ​​as well as values ​​from the top 3 in your industry or application domain.

These comparative data are very valuable in order to derive the need for action and at the same time specific optimizations - justified in a competitive comparison.

Use our survey skills to continuously optimize your application, increase the satisfaction of your users and customers, recognize dangers and ensure your success.