Can Naruto beat Superman

Such an amateur: Superman's weakness in "Batman v Superman"

Even if they really wanted him for a role, Bale wouldn't take one. For him it was the DC role. Anything else would be "undignified". I mean, Batman is the king of heroes, you have to work your way up with roles on him. Chris Evans, for example, was the Human Torch, but worked his way up to Captain America :-)

And not just that Bale was any Batman like Val Kilmer or George Cloney, no, he's THE MILESTONE BATMAN!

If Bale agrees, it will be for an elegant role that is about a story. Bruce Wayne's brother was there for "Council of the Owls". Maybe such a role? Or hush?

I don't believe in an older Lex Luthor. Jesse Eisenberg would just be made older at that point.

So: Either, he plays an unknown role (judge, politician) and is externally greatly changed (e.g. gray hair, gray mustache, older). Or just roles that really have a fascinating story. Mr. Freeze also has a sad story, but it's not worth it. Also, don't think Bale would like to follow in Arnie's footsteps.

To be honest, even if I love the actor, I don't want to see Bale in a comic book again (at least not DC & Marvel). It has its permanent, majestic, undeniable place in a DC movie. And I don't want to see him in Marvel because he's just DC :-)

A few more tips on what roles I could imagine him in:

- Riddler: Even if Bale has become the quiet guy, I can think of him as a crazy genius who traps Batman.

- Madhater: The role is not as special as others, but when I watch Bale's American Psycho, how he slaughters Jared Leto (oh oh the Joker) with an ax and gets a quick freak out, I think he would be here too fit in. Also optically with long, sweaty hair.

Maybe more will come to my mind later. So far I've only mentioned Batman characters because I just associate him with Batman. If Bale accepted, he would definitely take a role from another heroic comic, Superman or Flash or something, I don’t know.

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