What is a master's thesis

The different types of theses

Not every thesis is the same, but they all have the same goal: Submitting your own thesis marks the end of your studies - and thus the achievement of the corresponding academic degree is within easy reach. No matter whether a bachelor thesis, a master thesis, a diploma thesis or even a doctoral thesis is at the end of the course - so that the first impression is correct, it should be produced by a professional, experienced printing company. Here you can find out which theses are possible and what you should pay attention to.

Bachelor thesis - the first degree for students

Have you just started a first degree, changed your subject and are now about to graduate? Then you may already be busy preparing your bachelor thesis. The Bachelor is currently the lowest academic degree. Anyone starting a degree must therefore first take their bachelor's examination. Regardless of the subject, the preparation of a bachelor thesis is part of the examination - in addition to an oral or practical examination. After reaching the prescribed ETCS score start writing the bachelor thesis in consultation with a supervisor.

The aim of this work is to show that you have understood the basic mechanisms of your science. Depending on the faculty, the scope of the bachelor thesis is different, but still manageable. As a rule, the length is between 20 and about 60 pages. However, you should clarify more details with your supervisor before starting work. In case of doubt, a look at the examination regulations can also help, because the scope is often already determined there. The "common thread" of a bachelor thesis is its knowledge-guiding question. In general, the technically relevant content is to be rated much higher than just the number of filled pages.

The length of your bachelor thesis also depends on the processing time allowed. In general, the longer you have time to write your thesis, the more content is expected from your examiner. Also with the bachelor thesis, when counting the pages, only the introduction, main part and conclusion are counted. However, the cover sheet, table of contents, bibliography and appendices are not counted. We have more for you HERE.

Master thesis - the equivalent of the diploma thesis

What used to be the diploma thesis is now the master thesis. It is written as part of the master’s examination at the end of the master’s course. Similar to the old diploma thesis, the master thesis is significantly more extensive than the work to obtain the Bachelor degree. With it you have to show that you understand complex facts of your science and can use them for your own questions. Similar to the bachelor thesis, the scope of the master thesis can also be specified in the examination regulations. However, contact with the supervisor also plays a much greater role in the master’s thesis. Regular meetings are ideal while you are writing to discuss the status and clarify any questions you may have during your research.

Usually leans the topic of the master's thesis on the research topics pursued at your institute or takes up the topic of your advanced seminars. However, other topics in your subject are also possible in consultation with the supervisor. Your master's thesis is even more important than your bachelor's thesis knowledge-guiding question. For a good assessment it is essential to lead the "central theme" of the thesis clearly and stringently and to classify the result in the research context. In order for your supervisor to recognize at first glance that you are making an effort to be scientific, the structure must already be designed accordingly. Your cognitive process should already be clearly recognizable from the structure. Several months may be available for the preparation of the master’s thesis, for example as part of an examination semester. Depending on the subject, there is also the option of completing this thesis while working. The master's thesis is also only a partial achievement.

To the Degree of Masters In addition to the written work, an oral, practical or further examination is necessary. What applies to the bachelor thesis must also be observed in the master thesis - and also applied to the diploma thesis. Each faculty has its own formal requirements for theses. The aim is to keep a certain line spacing, to use a predefined font size and to adhere to a precisely defined margin. These formal layout specifications are absolutely binding for you. When writing, you should therefore already work with the layout regulations of your institute in order to be able to realistically assess the amount of text. At the end of the writing process, you save yourself the often time-consuming adaptation of the text to the page number requirements of your faculty.

Doctoral thesis - entry into research life

If you are faced with the task of writing your doctoral thesis, you have already completed a successful bachelor's and master's thesis or a diploma thesis. At the end of the doctoral process, you have to write your dissertation, also known as a doctoral thesis. Again, this written work is only a partial performance, because the examination process for obtaining the doctoral degree also includes an oral examination or defense of the doctoral thesis in most cases. Unlike the bachelor's and master's degree, the PhD process in many cases still customizable.

In consultation with your supervisor, you will gain an initial insight into teaching and take on your own first seminars. Independent research is, however, in the foreground of the doctoral process. The aim of the doctoral thesis is therefore to gain new knowledge in your subject area. What sounds highly complex, however, should only be moderately difficult for you, after all, you love your subject and look forward to getting to know the details better. The doctoral thesis must also meet the formal criteria of your faculty. You can find this out from your supervisor. Because the doctoral thesis summarizes your research over several years, a correspondingly large scope is required.

Between 250 and 300 pages is absolutely normal, but in individual cases other sizes are possible upon request. A supervisor with whom you have good and reliable contact is essential for a successful dissertation. When writing your doctoral thesis, you should consider that it will be made accessible to a specialist audience that extends beyond your own university.

Which thesis can we print for you?

Take into account the time buffer

This brief overview already shows the major differences between the individual types of thesis. Regardless of whether you are already writing your doctoral thesis or are struggling to narrow down the material for your master’s thesis - there is one thing you should definitely think about while planning: Not only does the writing take a lot of time, but also preparing for printing. A separate time buffer for corrections and revisions should first be planned here.
Finally, the second time you read it, you will very likely notice points that you would like to have changed. Or you can submit a first version to your supervisor, who still has important additions. In order to avoid running out of time at the end, such a revision buffer of at least one week, preferably two weeks, is absolutely necessary. If you have your thesis printed and rely on a service provider with express service, your work will be ready for submission even faster.

Have your thesis printed with special requirements

Your text is finished and you now want to have your thesis printed? One option, namely to print the work on the home printer yourself, should be ruled out from the outset. Neither paper nor print quality ensure an appropriate or even representative result. With an online printing company, you are opting for an individual and extremely professional solution that does not turn printing into a thesis.
Numerous specialized online printing companies make it easy to have your thesis printed with just a few clicks and to get the best possible result. Online vendors very often offer numerous paper and binding options to choose from. In this way, you can specifically select those materials that best underline the character of your thesis. From the classic adhesive binding to the hardcover with embossed cover, you have all options. Especially if you have a Have your thesis printedthat contains not only text, but also color tables or other multicolored pages, it is worthwhile to entrust the work to an experienced printing company.
In addition to just printing your thesis, many online printing companies also offer layout and plagiarism checks - a valuable additional service that relieves you of a lot of work and effort. With most providers, the process is very simple: the pdf with the finished thesis is uploaded to the site, then the specific options are selected. Would you like to have your thesis printed and are short of time? Then it pays to choose a provider that offers an express printing service.

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