What prevents a person from finding peace

The best ways to find inner peace. Experience from the Yesflix team😁

Inner peace is what most people would describe as ideal. However, as with many ideals, it is difficult to achieve this state. Very few people manage this, but do not be discouraged: With these tips and experiences from the Yesflix team you will get closer to your goal. If you are a believer, you can confidently place this in God's hands:

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Finding Peace with God:

The first step in finding inner peace is to have peace with and with God. Because peace with God is a peace that nothing and no one in this world can give you, Jesus already says this in the Bible (John 14, 27). James 4: 7 says: “Submit yourselves to God and oppose the devil. Then he has to flee, ”because what prevents us most from experiencing God's peace are the thoughts of the devil and the devil himself.

God promises peace:

He promised peace to his disciples because they were his followers. You would have trouble in this world. He actually claimed that some of them were being persecuted for being his successors. But in spite of everything, He promised that He would never abandon those who followed Him, and that through His constant presence they could experience His peace. When fears, worries, and difficulties arise in your life, look for the following signs of God's peace that are there ...

  • Circumstances overcome. Often times, peace is more easily seen and felt in the midst of trials and difficulties. But no matter what you are about to experience, be aware of the following: God is your peace. Trust in Him.
  • Permanent staying in this state. In the difficult circumstances of your life, the Holy Spirit is present to help you. Peace - deep, real, God-given peace - can be the "norm" in which you live day after day.


5 Essential Beliefs for a Peaceful Heart:

  1. God is absolutely sovereign. It is essential for your inner peace to recognize the following truth: God is in control. That is, nothing concerning you escapes His watchful eye and loving care (Colossians 1:16).
  2. God provides you. From start to finish, the Bible backs the statement that God is the one who cares for all of your needs. No need is too great, too problematic or too difficult for Jesus not to be able to meet. The Bible says: “He who takes him seriously does not suffer from want” (Psalm 24:10).
  3. God did not make you what you are for no reason. Your culture, language, nationality, gender, and many descriptions of your appearance are God's “choices”. He gave you talents, inclinations, intelligence, personality, and spiritual gifts so that, taken together, you would be unique in this world to fulfill the plan He has for your life (Psalm 139: 13-16).
  4. God has a place for you where you really belong. God created communion with yourself and with others for you. Trust Him to help you develop a strong sense of belonging to Him and to give you a community of fellow believers to belong to. And then as you grow in the faith, you will take care of others too (1 Peter 2: 9).
  5. God wants your realization. For true inner peace, one must have experienced that one is competent, able, able, and skillful enough to do something. It is a wonderful feeling of peace to know that one is capable of doing well or of doing well (Ephesians 2:10).

When you deeply agree to these five essential beliefs and trust that God is working within you, you will truly find peace of mind.