What should I feed my bulldog puppy?

In the prime of life - feeding a full-grown French Bulldog

In the case of an adult Bully, the diet should be switched to a food for adult dogs. The French bulldog is prone to obesity. She loves walks over hill and dale, but is not suitable for covering longer distances. It is better to let them frolic in the meadow than to go on long hikes. This is due to their anatomy, the stocky build and the short snout with frequent breathing and temperature regulation problems. Nevertheless, regular exercise is important to keep the animal fit and to prevent obesity.

Croquettes from dry food or low-fat snacks are suitable as treats, because they can always be rewarded. The amount of treats is best subtracted from the daily ration of the feed. The fat and carbohydrate content in the feed should be moderate in order to keep the weight of the Bully in check. Wet food is particularly suitable, as the amount of food to be fed is higher than with dry food due to the moisture content and the hungry dog's stomach is more full. In addition, the energy content of wet food is lower than that of dry food, which can be particularly beneficial for dogs that tend to be overweight. The liquid absorption is higher with wet food, since the moisture content is usually over 70%.