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Toph Beifong

Father, I know you might have a hard time seeing me like this, but the obedient, little, helpless, blind girl you think I am is not me. I just love to fight. I love being an earthbender. Yeah, and I'm really, really good at it.
- Toph to her parents[1]

Toph Beifong

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  • The blind bandit
  • The runaway
  • The melon lord

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black (white in old age)

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milky green (due to their blindness)

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Toph Beifong was an earthbending master and the earthbending teacher of Aang. She traveled around the world with the Avatar as well as Katara and Sokka to defeat the Fire Nation in the Hundred Years War. Toph claimed of herself that she was the best earthbender of all time. She discovered metal taming and refined this technique.


Earlier life

Toph Beifong was the only daughter of the wealthy Beifong family. She was blind from birth, but could see with her feet by sensing the vibrations in the earth. She learned earthbending from badger mouths after running away from home one day and getting lost. Since these animals are also blind, Toph got along with them immediately and imitated their movements.[2]

She kept this a secret from her parents and so she only received standard taming training from Master Yu. In order to improve her skills and to escape the boredom of everyday life, Toph would sometimes secretly sneak away from home to take part in earth thunder tournaments as a "blind bandit". Her opponents always underestimated her because of her stature and blindness and no one knew her identity, yet she easily became champion.

Meet with Team Avatar

Toph first met Aang during the Earth Thunder Tournament, when Aang fought her at a request from Xin Fu. Not knowing that Aang was an airbender, Toph lost and was initially mad at him. Toph joined AvatarAang and his friends after minor conflicts to teach Aang how to earthbend, but also because she no longer wanted to be patronized by her strict parents.

When they learned that their daughter was an extraordinary earthbender in the world, they tried to isolate Toph completely from the outside world. Her father hired her tutor Master Yu and the host of the Earth Thunder Tournament, Xin Fu, to bring her allegedly kidnapped daughter back home.

In the Fire Nation

After escaping from Ba Sing Se, Toph went undercover with the others from Team Avatar. Hakoda, Sokka and Katara's father, along with a few other warriors from the Southern Water Tribe, had carved a Fire Nation warship.

After an attack by the Fire Nation Navy, Aang escaped. Team Avatar looked for him and finally found him on an unfamiliar island. They flew to another Fire Nation island on Appa and changed their clothes so that they would not attract attention. Until a dance event that Aang threw for his classmates, they lived in a cave near the coast.

In a fishing village in the middle of the Jang Hui River, Katara followed her sympathy and disguised herself as a "Painted Lady" for a few days. She helped the sick and destroyed a factory that poured environmentally harmful substances into the river, poisoning it. Together with Sokka she exposed Appa's "illness", which Katara had used as an excuse to stay longer at the fishing village.

Together with the others, Toph helped clean up the river. When Sokka forged his own sword, he gave Toph a small meteorite stone at the end of this episode, which she wore as a bracelet in the subsequent episodes. When the Zosins comet appeared in the sky and Ozai wanted to use it to destroy the Earth Kingdom with the help of air fleets, Toph, with the support of Suki and Sokka, helped to turn off the airships.

After the Hundred Years War

After the series ended, she opened the Beifong metal taming academy, but initially only trained three students. Over time, however, she trained an elite of metal workers and with them founded the Republica Police Department. Twenty years after the Hundred Years War, Toph had a daughter named Lin Beifong, who later became the chief of police in Republica, and later a second daughter named Suyin Beifong.

She barely had time for her two daughters, Lin and Suyin, as she was too busy protecting the city as the police chief of Republica. Since her parents did not give her any freedom as a child, she wanted to spare her children that and gave them so much freedom

as possible. She wanted her children to find their own way. While Lin tried to follow the example of her mother as a police officer from the Republica, Suyin and her friends made the city unsafe, robbing banks, stealing and lying. Toph was neither pleased with one nor the other.

At forty, when she held the position of chief of police herself, it was she who arrested the felon Yakone. This terrorized Republica by robbing and murdering people using bloodbending. Toph was a little annoyed when Aang tried to help her with work, but he insisted he had to help her with this serious case.

In a restaurant, Toph arrests Yakone using her metal cables. However, immediately after being convicted of his crimes, Yakone used his bloodbending to disable the judge, Sokka. Coming to her friend's aid, Toph was also immobilized by the dark art and forced to use her keys to free Yakone from his handcuffs. When freed, he unleashed the full power of the bloodbending by hurling Toph away and making her completely motionless.


Toph's younger daughter Suyin helped the Terra Triad in a robbery and drove the escape vehicle. She was caught red-handed by Lin, who followed her to a bridge and stood in her way. As Suyin was about to leave, Lin shot her with a metal cable to arrest her. Suyin tore the cable from her arm, and it flew into Lin's face with full force; since then she had a scar on her face. Lin took Suyin to the police station, where Suyin was met by a very angry Toph.

Since Toph, as police chief and mother, did not want to lose face or her excellent reputation, she tore up the evidence without further ado. Toph didn't ask Lin to say a word about the matter, which seemed very unfair to Lin as her sister got away with it again without any consequences. And Toph ordered Suyin to leave Republica to live with her grandparents. After this incident, she was forced to quit her job with the police and then left Lin.

While Lin forever hated her sister for this, Toph and Suyin got along very well again. Suyin had changed and Toph was living in the city-state of Zaofu at the time, which was founded by Suyin after her world tour, which she started at the age of 16. In all likelihood she had witnessed the birth of all grandchildren and her only granddaughter, Opal. One can safely assume that she lived in Zaofu for about 20 years. Because Toph knew all of her family members personally.

She hated her son-in-law Baatar into old age, and Toph did not allow him to call her "mother". Toph seemed to have a particularly strong bond with her only granddaughter, Opal. Toph herself said that Opal was a strong young, fully emancipated woman who had both feet on the ground and she couldn't be more proud of her granddaughter. Toph and Suyin had also tried many times to get Lin to meet, but to no avail. Toph later went on a journey in search of enlightenment, and has never been seen since.

Life in the swamp

At that time Toph lived deeply withdrawn in the misty swamp. However, through the tendrils she could see her daughters and the whole world. It was at this time that she met Korra and tried to help her remove the remaining poison from the red lotus from her body. But this failed. When Tenzin's children came to pick up Korra, Korra managed to get the poison out of her body in the form of sweat on her own. She said goodbye to Toph and headed for Zaofu. Toph was seen once more when she, together with Lin and Opal, freed the rest of the family from Kuvira's captivity. However, Toph refused to fight Kuvira and her army because she said her days as a fighter were over. One should confidently entrust the protection of the worlds to the younger generation. But she is always there for her family if she is in danger again.


A metal statue of Toph in her uniform stands in front of the police headquarters in recognition of her successful work. An enormous statue of her can also be found in Zaofu, the city of her daughter's metal clan. As recognition and honor to the discoverer of metal taming.


Despite or because of her blindness, Toph was one of the best and strongest earthbenders in the world. She did not fight haphazardly, but felt her surroundings completely through her ability to see with her feet, waited for the right moment and only then attacked carefully. So she used the neutral jing like Bumi. Not only when earthbending, but also in everyday life, Toph orientated herself on the vibrations of the earth, which she perceived through her feet and was thus able to sense even the smallest things, such as individual ants.

This ability was so pronounced that she was able to differentiate between individual people based on their steps, even in large quantities, and noticed when people were lying because she could feel the rapid breathing and the increased heart rate.

She could not foresee things that came from the air, however, because they did not touch the ground, but with her well-developed hearing she could perceive projectiles. In addition, she never forgot a voice and was able to identify people from a great distance.

Toph discovered metal taming because it recognized that metal is nothing more than refined and purified earth. Her daughters Lin and Suyin learned this skill and eventually mastered it. After Toph disappeared, Lin took over as Police Chief of Republica.


Toph is a very stubborn, direct, naughty, but also painfully honest person who doesn't hesitate to say what he thinks, even if it hurts the feelings of others. Sokka in particular is often affected by her comments, which are mostly to be understood as fun. She has a rather sarcastic sense of humor and is often very glee too. The good Toph is passionate about being the center of attention, if necessary she draws attention through nasty remarks, which shows that she is very self-centered. Although she wouldn't admit it, she seems to be very fond of Sokka. In contrast to Katara, Toph is a tough and strict teacher who provokes Aang wherever possible, as this is part of the character of an earthbender. She loves to set the tone and is not afraid to yell at Aang during training if he does something wrong.

Toph never shows any form of fear. She always lets out her cool, relaxed, tough and sometimes a bit silly side. She loves adventure, action and fighting. That is why Toph loves to compete with other tamers. She also likes to fool around with Sokka and Aang, which Katara doesn't like very much. Since Toph is not used to living in a group, she is initially very stubborn and has difficulties integrating into the group, which is why she often clashes with Katara and feels misunderstood. In general, she is very stubborn and stubborn. Toph is also rebellious, humorous, derisive, confident, brave and very naughty. She has a great temper, which is why she is quick to react angry and irritable.

She can also be very grumpy. According to Korra, Toph is even quirkier and more obedient than her daughter Lin. Toph`s parents were very strict and always looked after them and tried to protect them from everything possible due to their innate blindness. Toph therefore hates to be supported in any way by others because she wants to be independent.

So she sees the help of her friends as pity. However, she doesn't want pity, just because she's blind doesn't make her helpless after all. After talking to Iroh, Zuko's uncle, however, she realizes that the group wants to help her because they are her friends, and not because they don't trust her to do things on her own. Toph considers himself a loner who doesn't need anyone, but over time you realize that her friends mean a lot to her.

In particular, Katara confides her feelings about her parents and the insecurity of her appearance. Toph feels that her own mother no longer loves her because she disappeared to teach Aang how to earthbend. Toph likes to hide this uncertainty about this and her loneliness behind a facade of sheer toughness. Because despite her very rugged, forbidding and tough nature, her heart is not made of stone. A nice and sensitive girl hides behind the hard shell.

During the search for Aang on Ash Island, she absolutely wants to look for Aang alone with Zuko and throws herself at him. This will then turn red. However, it is also noticeable that Toph appears to have a greater interest in sokka. Because she also blushed when Sokka asked her what Aang and Katara had and she then claimed that, unlike the other two, she hadn't missed him. Her affection for Sokka becomes even clearer when she mistakenly thinks Suki, who saves Toph from drowning at the Serpent Pass, is Sokka and kisses her on the cheek. She was clearly embarrassed.