All hurricanes hit the Florida coast

health : One of the largest and most violent hurricanes is storming Florida, a million people flee

Fear of one of the worst hurricanes in years is keeping the southeastern United States in suspense. Hurricane "Floyd" continued towards the state of Florida on Tuesday. Governor Bush declared a state of emergency and mobilized the National Guard. A million people have been told to leave their homes. Hundreds of thousands had already fled from "Floyd", who was moving towards the coast at wind speeds of up to 250 km / h.

According to experts, it is one of the strongest and largest hurricanes in living memory. It is many times larger than the state of Florida. The "eye" - the center in which there is no wind (see photo) - can be seen as well as never before. If Floyd hits land - nobody doubts it - then there could be a catastrophe. According to the latest forecasts by the weather experts, "Floyd" could hit land between central Florida and the northern states of Georgia and South Carolina. At least that's what the storm warning from the National Hurricane Center in Miami says. As a result, the National Guard in Georgia was also put on alert. On Tuesday, the storm had already hit the Bahamas with heavy rains.

The hurricane-experienced and often already hurricane-damaged residents of the Florida coast have been taking precautions since Sunday. They board up the windows, build up emergency supplies of food and water, and fill fresh batteries in flashlights and radios. Schools were closed and emergency shelters set up.

The memory of the severe hurricane "Andrew" of August 1992 is still alive with people. "Andrew" killed 26 people and left 150,000 homeless. The storm caused damage of $ 25 billion, making it the most expensive natural disaster in US history to date.

"Floyd" is about the same strength and wind speed as "Andrew", but much bigger. Both storms were classified in category four, the second highest strength. "Floyd" was recently on the verge of being upgraded to strength five. Since hurricanes were first recorded over a hundred years ago, there have been only 22 storms of this highest category, and only two of them hit land.

Meteorologists reported on television with awe-inspiring undertone that they had seldom or never seen a cyclone with such a clear "eye". They described "Floyds" with horror. Even if it does not hit land, but turns north and only grazes the east coast, it could still cause immense damage.

Numerous airlines have canceled their flights.

NASA is concerned about the safety of its shuttles at the Cape Canaveral spaceport directly on the Atlantic. There are three shuttles in hangars, one in the assembly hall. However, these buildings can only withstand wind speeds of no more than 200 km / h. Four expensive rockets are on launch pads. There was no more time to dismantle it. All 14,000 employees were called upon to prepare to escape "Floyd".

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