Kylo Ren has no siblings

Ben Solo

“It was terrible. To this day I don't know who is in the film because I haven't seen anything. "
- Adam Driver about his mask (Source)
The first look at Kylo Ren in the teaser trailer
  • Kylo Ren first stepped in in the teaser trailer The Force Awakens on. His name was announced on Entertainment Weekly.
  • On May 4, 2015, Star Wars Day, was in a video from the magazine Vanity Fair Seeing Kylo Ren without a helmet for the first time. This made it known, as previously suspected in several rumors, that actor Adam Driver Ren was in The Force Awakens plays. A few hours later the magazine published another picture with Ren.
  • Kylo Ren's mask is inspired by that of Darth Vader. According to J. J. Abrams, unlike Vader, he is an antihero who has yet to form in the film. He is also more complex than the typical antagonist. Lawrence Kasdan also thinks the character is something completely new in the world Starwars-Saga, especially his abundance of emotions, sets him apart from other characters.[1]
  • Adam Driver said in an interview with Conan O’Brien that he could see next to nothing during the filming because of the openings in his helmet. Oscar Isaac extended this statement by mentioning how Driver had to make the other actors aware that he was behind the mask of the costume himself or that he asked JJ Abrams for a new take where he was allowed to act without a mask when he was not in Image was visible because the voices were recorded afterwards anyway.[2]

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