What was Alexander Hamilton's salary

Sebastian Vettel is one of the most successful German Formula 1 drivers of all time. But what is Aston Martin's salary for the new season?

Heppenheim - we're finally starting again! The new season in Formula 1 starts at the end of March. Also there: Sebastian Vettel. The German fans should be very happy to see the four-time world champion no longer in Ferrari red - at Scuderia it just did not fit the Hessian. At Aston Martin there should now be a fresh start.

The first pictures of Vettel at his new place of work have already appeared, the 33-year-old was unusually streamlined. By the time his new car is presented (at the beginning of March), the hair should have grown a little. The demonstration of the new car is the big highlight of the pre-season - at the latest then the new season really starts. The first race will take place on March 28th in Sakhir (Bahrain).

Sebastian Vettel and his salary: how much does he earn at Aston Martin?

By then at the latest, Lewis Hamilton should have finally signed his new working paper. The negotiations of the Mercedes star are still dragging on - it is out of the question that the seven-time world champion will actually end up without a cockpit. Even if team boss Toto Wolff has to dig deep into his pocket for the services of the Briton, an agreement will probably be reached in the near future. By the way, Hamilton should already have a base salary of 50 million euros.

Buzz at dizzying heights. How is Sebastian Vettel doing in this regard? There are of course no confirmed figures, but there are rumors about the salaries of Formula 1 stars. Vettel is said to be loud at Ferrari vermoegenmagazin.de have earned a salary of around 30 million euros. In addition, there are bonus payments for race wins, there was talk of around one million euros per triumph - in retrospect that sounds like a bad joke, after all, especially in his last season in the Ferrari, Vettel often had to fight for places ten, eleven or twelve.

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel's salary at Aston Martin

And in the new season? According to the picture Vettel is to receive an annual salary of 15 million euros at Aston Martin. So only half of what he earned at Scuderia! No problem for Vettel. In the late autumn of his career, the financial was no longer in the foreground; in the course of his career he has already built up a large fortune. It was much more about a new project - and having fun with racing. (akl)