What is Chris Rea's most successful song

After confusion with Rea Garvey: Who is this Chris Rea?

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Dennis LaGree confused his future coach Rea Garvey with singer and guitarist Chris Rea on "The Voice of Germany". Chris who Many are wondering that at the moment, because we haven't heard from him for a long time.

Chris Rea (born March 4, 1951 in Middlesbrough, England) achieved his first major success with his solo debut Whatever Happened To Benny Santini (1978) and the single Fool (If You Think It's Over) celebrating, which went straight to the US top 20 and was nominated for a Grammy shortly afterwards.

But only his fifth album Water sign (1983) brought back some hits (especially in the UK), and with Wired To The Moon (1984) and Shamrock Diaries (1985) cemented his reputation as a top songwriter.

The Road to Hell - the big breakthrough

1986 appeared On the beach, Came in 1987 Dancing With Strangers, and as 1989 The Road To Hell appeared, he has become an integral part of the British pop and songwriting scene. In Germany, the album immediately made it into the top 10 of the charts.

The album released in 1991 Auberge Not only did it help it achieve new success in the USA, it even catapulted itself to number 1 on the album charts in Germany! Auberge and Banana skin (1992) made Chris Rea one of the most successful British artists of his time.

In the nineties, Rea excelled as a cinema and television composer (including "Madhouse", "The Shadow Man"). In 2000 he succeeded with King Of The Beach a remarkable comeback in the pop sector.

Illness and Farewell Tour 2006

The following year, Chris Rea fell seriously ill, had surgery, and began painting while he was convalescing. After a few more albums, he did a preliminary farewell tour as a solo artist and played very successfully in various formations, especially in band format, including with Neil Drinkwater (Van Morrison, Phil Collins) and Colin Hodgkinson (ex-Whitesnake) under the name The Hofner Bluenotes.

At the same time he devoted himself to complex major projects: The release of the album Still So Far To Go - The Best Of Chris Rea (2009), which contained two new songs, brought Rea back into the focus of his fans. In Germany he was sure of a chart placement, and in England he cracked the top 10 with the album.

The tour that followed showed him again as a solo artist live and in top form.

Chris Rea's recent achievements and activities

In autumn 2011, in the 33rd year of his work, Rea placed his then new album Santo Spirito Blues at number 10 in the German charts. The CD / DVD, with both feet firmly on the blues, was his first studio album in ten years and showed the musician looking for new challenges.

In addition, the autobiography "The Road To Hell & Back Again" was announced for mid-2012, in which Chris Rea wants to make his world of thoughts accessible in literary form. However, it has not yet appeared. Another tour is probably also being planned - details on this are also still pending.

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