Advantages and disadvantages of NET

5. Advantages and disadvantages of ASP.NET

As with all web technologies, ASP.NET also has its advantages and disadvantages, here is a small overview:

  • As ASP.NET is based on the .NET framework, no special programming language has to be learned; ASP.NET applications can be written in all .NET languages.

  • The source text is not interpreted, but (similar to Java) is "translated" into a special code for the .NET framework.

  • Programmers who have already written Windows applications (based on .NET) can immediately program in ASP.NET without any special changes and can even take over large parts of the Windows application code without changes.

  • The .NET framework provides the developer with a large number of functions for which additional libraries are required under PHP, for example.

  • Special servers are required to run ASP.NET applications (see chapter Requirements).

  • There are far fewer hosting providers that support ASP.NET than, for example, hosting providers that support PHP. This is also due to the fact that the servers (and licenses) required for this are more expensive.

  • Since the .NET framework has so far only fully run under the Windows operating systems from Microsoft, the application must be developed under Windows and can later only be run on a server with the Windows operating system.