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Dermaroller test: these are the best needle rollers

What is a dermaroller?

A dermaroller is a Face rollerwhich is equipped with hundreds of fine needles. A "normal" facial roller (for example made of jade or rose quartz), unlike a dermaroller, has no needles and is primarily used for facial massage. When using the Dermaroller, the needle roller is guided over the skin with gentle pressure, which causes micro-injuries and the natural Elastic and collagen production stimulates. Treatment with the dermaroller is also known as microneedling and can reduce wrinkles, scars and pigment spots. Cellulite and stretch marks can also be treated with the method.

Dermarollers are available in different versions where The number and length of the needles vary. Dermarollers have a needle length between 0.25 and 3.0 millimeters. Due to the increased risk of injury, microneedling treatments with needles longer than 1 millimeter should only be carried out by a beautician or dermatologist. Which needle length is right for you depends on various factors, which we have summarized for you below.

The right needle length

Which needle length is right for you depends entirely on which area of ​​your skin you want to treat and for what purpose. The table shows you the optimal one Needle length for different treatment purposes. Note that you cannot use dermaroller with longer needles as often as it penetrates deeper into the skin and takes longer for the skin to regenerate accordingly.

As a beginner in the field of microneedling, you should always start with a needle length of 0.25 millimeters. So can your Get your skin used to the treatment. After a few weeks, you can adjust the length of the needles if necessary. If you have inflamed pimples or acne, you should not do microneedling, as this can lead to infections.

0.25 millimeters

0.5 millimeters

0.75 millimeters

1.0-3.0 millimeters

field of use


face and body


Treatment by specialist staff only


Large pores, wrinkles, small scars

Wrinkles, scars, pigment spots, stimulation of hair growth

Stronger scars, stretch marks, cellulite

Deep scars, stretch marks, cellulite


1 - 2x a week

1x a week

Every 14 days

According to the arrangement

Dermaroller test: these are the criteria

There are a large number of dermarollers on the market, but not every product is unreservedly recommendable. GALA has tested some dermarollers with regard to the following quality criteria, which you should definitely consider when buying the beauty tool:

  • Material of the needles: The material of the needles affects how your skin reacts to the treatment. Needles made of stainless steel are recommended, as very fine and pointed needles can be made from them and the material is very hygienic and durable. Titanium needles are a good choice for those who are allergic to nickel.
  • Real or fake needles: Cheap models in particular are often punched out metal plates instead of real needles. The tips of the metal plates are more blunt than needles and can also bend more easily, which increases the risk of injury and infection. We strongly advise against using the wrong needles!
  • Number of needles: Dermarollers have between 180 and 1200 needles. The more the better? Not necessarily! Rollers with fewer and more widely spaced needles can penetrate the skin well without applying great pressure. This reduces the risk of injury and improves the success of the treatment.
  • Needle length: The needles for household use should not exceed a length of one millimeter, since needles from this length can penetrate the epidermis and cause damage if improperly handled. Treatments with needles longer than one millimeter should only be performed by a healthcare professional. Choosing the right needle length depends on which part of the body and what exactly you want to treat (see above).
  • The handle: The handle should be stable and secure in the hand so that you can regulate the pressure easily. An ergonomically curved handle and non-slip material are a clear plus point.
  • Equipment: A storage box ensures that the dermaroller can be stowed away safely. On the one hand, this is more hygienic and, on the other hand, the needles are not damaged or worn out as quickly.
  • Customer reviews: How did buyers rate the dermaroller? Can a recommendation be derived from the reviews? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Dermaroller from the customer's point of view?
  • Price-performance ratio: When choosing a dermaroller, you should not decide purely on the basis of price, as an inferior dermaroller can damage your skin's health. However, the price for a good product should be fair and not overpriced.

Dermaroller test: four products in comparison

Dermaroller from Faces of Fey

The dermaroller from Faces of Fey convinces across the board: The real needles made from surgical stainless steel promise a hygienically perfect treatment. In total, the roller has 192 of them, which are far enough apart to be able to penetrate the skin without pressure. The dermaroller from Faces of Fey is available with needle lengths of 0.25 millimeters, 0.5 millimeters and 0.75 millimeters. So you can choose the right tool for your needs.

The light, ergonomic handle with anti-slip perforation and the included storage case are also a plus point. The Amazon buyers are accordingly convinced and award on average 4.5 out of 5 stars. The only point of criticism is the price, which at just under 30 euros is relatively high compared to other scooters. In view of the impeccable quality, however, the price is justifiable.

Dermaroller Koi Beauty

The dermaroller from Koi Beauty impresses with high-quality, real needles made of titanium, which makes the scooter a good choice especially for people with (nickel) allergies. The roller is equipped with a total of 200 needles that are sufficiently spaced from one another. You can choose between 0.5 millimeters, 1.0 millimeters, 1.5 millimeters and 2.0 millimeters for the needle length, although you should better leave the treatment with the latter two to a professional.

The handle made of high-quality plastic impresses with its ergonomic shape and slip resistance. At Amazon, the scooter reaches a Average rating of 4.4 stars and thus performs as well as the product from Faces of Fey. A praise goes to the price-performance ratio, because with a price of just under 20 euros the dermaroller from Koi Beauty is cheaper than the product from Faces of Fey despite its comparable quality.

Dermaroller from Red Silk

The Red Silk dermaroller has 540 stainless steel needleswhich, at 0.3 millimeters, are a good length for microneedling beginners. Unfortunately, there are no other needle lengths from this manufacturer. The ergonomically curved handle made of lightweight plastic promises safe use and the packaging offers protection against premature wear. The product gets a good one on Amazon Rating of 4.3 stars and many customers report good results. With a price of 16 euros, the dermaroller is in the cheaper range.

Dermaroller from Candycush

The Candycush dermaroller possesses 192 stainless steel needles. You can see at first glance that these are real needles, as the roller is designed to be transparent and the individual needles are easy to see from the side. You can choose between 0.5 and 0.7 millimeter needle lengths. Unfortunately, there are no shorter needles for microneedling beginners. The handle is simple and ergonomic. Unfortunately, there are currently no Amazon ratings for this product. At 25 euros, the price is in the higher range.

How do you use a dermaroller correctly?

Using a dermaroller is basically straightforward. Nevertheless, there are a few points you should pay attention to in order to achieve the best possible result and not unnecessarily irritate your skin:

  1. Clean the dermaroller, before you start using it. It is best to also disinfect the needle roller with a disinfectant spray and then let it dry for a few minutes.
  2. Before you start needling, you should consider the one to be treated Clean skin. For this you should use a mild cleansing and if possible no peeling, which makes the skin additionally sensitive.
  3. Now you wear one Skin care which you work into the skin with the needle roller. Serums or ampoules with moisturizing hyaluron or vitamin C, which support the skin in regeneration, are recommended.
  4. Now roll the dermaroller gently over your face to incorporate the active ingredient. Take yourself first the forehead and roll up and down six to eight times, then six to eight times to the right and left and finally six to eight times diagonally across the skin. Put the scooter down in between. Then work on the cheeks, chin and nose using the same procedure.
  5. After treatment, you should use the Clean the dermaroller again. To do this, rinse it under running water, disinfect it again and let it dry.
  6. Last but not least, you wear one nourishing cream on. Make sure that it contains as natural as possible and no irritating ingredients.
  7. Repeat the treatment with the dermaroller depending on the length of the needle every four to 14 daysso that your skin can recover in the meantime. You should be able to see results after about a month.

What are the possible side effects?

Basically, the dermaroller is a tool to improve the complexion of your skin and Side effects occur especially when it comes to improper use. Accordingly, make sure that you do not use a roller with needles that are too long (no longer than a millimeter) and do not carry out the treatment too often. Also, be sure to use a roller with high quality, real needles, and clean and disinfect the needle roller before and after each use.

During microneedling, the needles may feel a little uncomfortable on thin skin (for example on the forehead), but pain should not occur. After treatment, it can become too Redness of the treated area. It is therefore advisable to carry out the treatment in the evening. Avoid direct sunlight after treatment with a dermaroller or apply a sun protection factor, otherwise the skin will be sensitive.

Danger: The Dermaroller should not be used if you suffer from a skin disease or if the skin is injured, as microneedling can lead to infections in open wounds or inflammations. The dermaroller should only be used on healthy skin.

Microneedling at the beautician

You can also have microneedling performed by a beautician or dermatologist. The principle is the same: Your skin is processed with a Dermaroller or a Derma-Pen to stimulate the skin's own regeneration processes. In contrast to the needle rollers for personal use, the professionals can use longer needles fall back (up to three millimeters) to stimulate collagen production even more, which can be useful for deeper scars, for example.

Microneedling by professionals may be more painful due to the longer needles and an anesthetic cream is usually applied before the treatment. A professional microneedling treatment takes a long time 30 to 60 minutes and often costs several hundred euros. So it is worthwhile to first try out whether you can achieve the desired result yourself with a dermaroller.

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Dermaroller test: the bottom line

A dermaroller can have a positive effect on the skin's appearance and counteract scars, wrinkles, large pores or cellulite. To a good one Treatment success To achieve this, it is essential that you select the correct needle length for your treatment purpose. You should also be careful not to use a roller with the wrong needles, as these can irritate and even damage the skin.

Even if these are a bit more expensive, it is worth it in one Quality product like the dermaroller from Faces of Fey or from Koi Beauty, which are characterized by real needles and a stable grip. Your skin will thank you. Please also note our tips for correct application, then nothing stands in the way of a successful treatment with the Dermaroller!

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