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Dutch-German dictionary

Dutch is a fantastic language for German learners

There are many similarities between Dutch and German. However, you have to practice Dutch well in order to be able to follow and actively participate in a conversation with locals. The Langenscheidt Dutch-German dictionary helps you to find the right expression in every situation. Knowing Dutch is useful not only within Europe, but also when traveling around the world. Because it is spoken not only in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, Suriname and in the Caribbean: in Curacao and Aruba. Furthermore, Dutch is an internationally recognized business language. But "oppast!" (= Caution): Anyone who, as is often the case in everyday German, says Dutch when they mean Dutch, is making a gross mistake. Because Dutch is not the national language of the Netherlands, but just a dialect that is spoken in the west of the country.

The Langenscheidt Dutch-German dictionary is an indispensable reference work

The revised Dutch-German dictionary, based on the Dutch pocket dictionary, contains around 230,000 keywords, phrases and translations that go beyond the general vocabulary of modern Dutch. Furthermore, important facts about culture, science, technology, economy, politics and sport are provided. In addition to numerous neologisms, a large number of slang and vulgar words and phrases have been added to the dictionary. Abbreviations of subject areas, stylistic peculiarities and grammatical specifications are represented by many explanatory clues.

Look up the Langenscheidt Dutch dictionary on the go!

In the Dutch-German dictionary, the right translation is always just a click away: whether at home, while working on a Dutch translation or while studying Dutch at university. You can simply look it up in the desktop version of the Langenscheidt Dutch dictionary. Those who prefer to use a tablet or prefer the mobile phone will find the right word just as quickly. The dictionary is equally user-friendly and easy to use on all devices, making it an indispensable reference work.

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Learning Dutch is fun

Dutch is a wonderful language with many similarities to German. There are many Anglicisms in the Dutch vocabulary, so native English speakers and English speakers have advantages when learning Dutch vocabulary. Listening to Dutch people speak or listening to Dutch music gives a vivid impression of pronunciation. The Langenscheidt Dutch-German dictionary can be very helpful in internalizing the meaning of the words. Especially when it comes to learning difficult vocabulary.

Searching for letters in the Dutch-German dictionary

Enter a word in the search box above to translate it from Dutch to German. You can also enter German words as the dictionary searches the dictionaries in both languages ​​at the same time. Of course, you can also search other online dictionaries besides the Dutch-German dictionary by selecting the desired language from the drop-down menu.