How did Cell Goku beat Goku in DBZ

Why does Goku give up on Cell?

Goku had a good idea of ​​Cell's level after getting into perfect shape. Goku was looking for answers on how to surpass the level of a Super Saiyan or if it really is possible. Fortunately, they had a so-called time chamber that gave Goku enough time to find out.

Goku managed to come up with a brilliant idea to increase his stamina and increase his strength whenever necessary by using up his energy reserves, which he was able to increase by improving his endurance. He understood the flaw in Vegeta and Trunks' techniques.

Well, if you remember, Goku didn't use the time chamber twice to further advance his newfound powers, which, incidentally, was very dissimilar to Goku, who seizes every opportunity when faced with crises like this (think about that before you check out Frieza ask how he does everything up to 100G in his training). The reason for this was that Goku already found out that Gohan had hidden powers that slept and came out in a training session. And Goku understood, if anyone had a chance against Cell, it was his son!

Now we come to your question. Goku didn't have to fight at all because he knew Cell will knock him to the ground when the fight is over. But he's still fighting for two reasons:

  1. As a Saiyan warrior, combat challenges like these are what you live for.

  2. He wanted to show Gohan Cell's technique up close and watch his fathers struggle with him.

Goku knew all along that he wasn't going to win. When he considered giving Gohan a good look at Cell's fighting style, it was time to break out of the fight and give room for his son to finish it off.

That's why Goku gives up what Goku will die as a warrior before he does. But it was a teaching in disguise for his son.