What are some disturbing nursery rhymes


In this collection of sayings you will find funny sayings in rhyme form. All rhyme sayings come from the rhymes and nursery rhymes of Sean Kollak. Just click on one of the fun rhyming sayings to read the full rhyme. Under the heading "Reim Sprüche" I have also prepared some information for you about Christmas sayings, advertising slogans and idioms and farmer rules in rhyme form.

Wisdoms of life: true, too true!

One often goes to church
because one hopes for forgiveness.

Furrow wrinkles your face,
they say it speaks volumes.

Bad luck is a door that is stuck
when you run out of the room.

It's not easy - being overweight!

Whoever talks about others
seldom holds a secret.

Funny sayings about life

Illustration hat by Judith Vrba

The rain front is disturbing,
when you sunbathe outdoors.

Nobody knows how long he lives
until the last hour strikes.

A gift that you don't like
will be set on ebay.

Mothers who run to shop
will also fight for bargains.

A decision is easy to make: do good and leave bad.

Funny sayings about the weather


What bad weather!

Hail, showers, precipitation
clouds the most beautiful day in no time.

When it rains, thunders, flashes,
be glad that you are in the dry.

When it gets colder and snows
the winter time begins quite soon.

Every day is spoiled quickly
when it pours out of buckets.

Sayings about people like you and me

A rumor quickly spreads
one meets for a chat.

Who does not pay what he eats
makes an invoice of no value.

The nice thing about birthday parties are not gifts, but guests.

Football games are immensely important - only for football fans.

Anyone who likes to grill thanks pigs and cows
for the delicious barbecue.

In from the front, out to the back:
This is what it looks like with humans and animals.

Spring is coming, the plants are sprouting
my nose is running and I have to sneeze.

Sayings to say goodbye

Decency is when saying goodbye
just to mention the good.

Everyone has to get older
because otherwise there would be nothing to inherit.

If politics becomes too expensive,
there is a new tax.

Don't measure life in days
count moments that stand out.

When the mother complains loudly
it may be that she gives birth to a child.

Those who do their work diligently
hates the slacker who rests.

Fashion slogans at their finest 😉

Fashion wraps people up - with a beautiful appearance.

Fashion makes the thin man chic,
whoever doesn't like it is too fat.

Those who are addicted need too much
and turns greed into a lifestyle.

Though it runs away incessantly,
time is only gained by taking breaks.

Grandma goes on a butter trip so that she has something to eat.

Children like to eat fast food with their fingers - it tastes good.

His freedom is deprived
who always steals from others.

Why does the sinner go to confession?
To ease your conscience!

Who doesn't follow the rules
the referee provides it from the field.

Some flee from the stress of the world
home, become a slipper hero.

A popular leadership style: show strength, not emotion.

A big pile of crap, too
is for sale through advertising.

Everyone has a deadline
which is given to him by God.

Who swims on a wave
don't want it to end.

The wise man never starts an argument
when he has no way to retreat.

A hat covers the hairstyle
and protects against the whims of nature.

A pleasure lasts a short time,
so joy turns into suffering.

What does the drunkard in the inn know?
Those who don't pay will soon be thrown out.

Unfortunately, a diplomat is seldom a man of action.

Just out of sheer friendliness
nobody is always on duty.

If you drop your opinion too quickly,
only sees the bad in the world.

A dog saves the alarm in the house:
The thief runs away when he barks.

When it's loud where you rest
Unfortunately, one rarely sleeps well.

The bad thing about pregnancy: that it makes such an effort!

Copyright Sean Kollak, 2008